I-LAND, the survival show that had gained the attention of people all over the world, has finally come to an end today. The fans of the program (called eggies) are all emotional, whether it’s because their favourite applicant did or didn’t debut or because of the heartwarming performance that all the past and present contestants put up together.


What is I-LAND?

The show began airing every Friday from the 26th of June and is created by BELIF+ LAB, the joint company of BigHit Entertainment and CJ E&M Entertainment.

23 trainees, namely K, Hanbin, Seon, Geonu, Jaeho, Jaebeom, Jimin, Heeseung, Youngbin, Jay, Nicholas, EJ, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Sungchul, Jungwon, Taeyong, Kyungmin, Yoonwon, Taki, Niki and Daniel, entered the high-tech I-LAND building with the hopes of being a part of the final lineup that is set to debut in November.

Format of the show:

I-LAND was divided into two parts- season 1 and season 2. Except for Yoonwon who left due to health concerns, all the participants stayed through season 1, moving up and down between I-LAND (representing the trainees that would move on to season 2) and ground (where the trainees have to work hard to go back to iland or they have no chance of debuting).

At the end of season 1, they announced that 7 members will debut out of the 12 that moved on to season 2. At the beginning of season 2, they revealed the 10 members that were eliminated by the global vote.


Indian Fans voted too!

They not only told us the number of votes each of the top 12 trainees got but also which countries voted the most for them. Much to the excitement of Indian eggies, when they were announcing which countries voted for the applicant Heeseung, they mentioned India! To say that desi fans were ecstatic to be noticed by BigHit Entertainment and I-LAND was an understatement, as they flooded social media with happy posts.



Today’s final episode began with 9 hopeful trainees who performed the I-LAND original song i&credible that was previously performed at the end of season 1. An introduction to all the members was given along with which members were most popular in particular countries according to the live global vote.

All the eliminated participants were also brought back to I-LAND and they watched the remaining ilanders on the last leg of their journey and performed the show’s signal song Into The I-LAND with the finalists.



Along with the performances put on by the ilanders, BTS and TXT also made an appearance. Both the senior groups sat in the ‘audience’ watching the entire program unfold and also giving the participants advice and little pep talks.

BTS has been in I-LAND before but this was TXT’s first appearance.

Right after the final ilanders performed the song that was written for their final performance, Calling (Run To You), they announced what the debut group name would be- ENHYPEN!


Finally, in the end, the moment that everyone was waiting for had arrived and they went to announce the final 7 members that would make their long-awaited debut with each other.

The final lineup is: Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon and Niki.


Everybody’s favourites may not have debuted but one thing we know for sure is that over the last few months, every eggie has a soft spot in their heart for all 23 of these trainees that made our Friday nights so special.

Did you watch I-LAND? Who was your favourite applicant/s? What do you think about the final lineup? Tell us below in the comments!