TAEMIN Tops iTunes Chart India With "Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1"

Taemin’s 3rd full-length album named “Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1” tops iTunes India

This is a long-awaited comeback of Taemin after so many delays from the previous announcements of releasing the album. It has 9 songs, out of which ‘Criminal’ is the title song with a marvelous music video with a Stockholm Syndrome vibe. We have another music video of ‘2Kids’, released earlier as a prologue of this album.

2 kids #1 on iTunes India
2 kids #1 on iTunes India

Chart Rankings:

SHINee World India always encourages fans to support SHINee, we are overwhelmed to see the enthusiasm and dedication from Shawols all over India.

It has also been mentioned in the Social Networking Sites that we’re at #1 in iTunes India consecutively for 2 days, we wish this count of days will increase eventually at the same spot.

Credit: SHINee World India

It is tough to rank in music streaming platforms for a K-Pop song in India, where Bollywood and other regional film music industry always rules, but we did it! It is indeed a great achievement.

Like his song “Thirsty“, the Indian Shawols were eagerly waiting for this release. It was scheduled to have a concert and release back to back in March this year. The ongoing pandemic and other unavoidable issues caused a delay of 6 months already and thus Shawols are even more excited. It’s like we literally counted every day before the 7th September

Indian Shawols have broken their previous record of sales in the physical albums. Despite the ongoing pandemic, Shawols showed enormous interest in pre-ordering the physical album this time.

Concept of the album:

The main concept of this album is to show a different Taemin than usual. As we have always seen him explore various paths to expand the glory of Kpop, this album is also not an exception.

According to an interview, Taemin himself marked it as a “Spicy” dish on the menu, which can get you instantly as you’ll taste the menu of this musical treasure.

It has “Black Rose”, “Strangers”, “Waiting For”, “Famous – Korean version”, “Clockwork”, “Just Me And You”, “Nemo” as different soundtracks with various genres.

No need to say that each of them is a masterpiece. I should not give more spoilers. Better when you’ll find it by yourself. Fans recognized and called it “T-Pop” (Taemin pop), which is an expanded love towards this musical genius.


As the veteran musical genius never failed us to amaze us with his artistry, we are even more grateful to show our gratitude in every possible way we can!

What did you think of Taemin’s comeback?