On a recent post by Taeyang showing a picturesque shot of a river with a bridge across it on Instagram, a desi V.I.P who was dying to know whether Taeyang knew about India and the Indian V.I.Ps that support him and Bigbang always, asked him the question and guess what?

Taeyang actually replied to the lucky fan’s comment!




It was a simple one word reply but it definitely means a lot to all the Indian V.I.Ps who have been dying for Taeyang to notice our country and acknowledge his Indian fans 🙂


His reply was certainly a very basic but a very desi one; He replied with a “Namaste” 🙏🏻!



Just this simple response of Taeyang gave various Indian V.I.Ps great joy and a cause for celebration and speculation as well, with many hoping with even more vigour for BigBang’s and Taeyang’s visit to India and their concert in our country.


What do you think of this acknowledgment of India by Taeyang? 
Are you thrilled and dreaming of Bigbang’s concert in India sometime too 😉 ?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments.