Taeyeon INVU

It is a good time to be a Girls’ Generation aka SNSD fans as we first had leader Taeyeon and Hyoyeon making solo comebacks. We then got a mini-reunion with Oh!GG, films, and K-Dramas by the actor members Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun followed by Taeyeon and Hyoyeon then being roped in for the female version of SuperM, Girls On Top (GOT the beat). And now, Taeyeon is spending Valentine’s Day with fans as she gifts them with her third studio album ‘INVU’.

Taeyeon released ‘INVU’ her third full-length album, and its title track ‘INVU’ on February 14. The 13-track album trended on Twitter and MelOn while fans showed their support by helping the Girls’ Generation leader’s release enter several charts like iTunes in 15+ countries like Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, etc. Title track ‘INVU’ also charted at #1 on Bugs, MelOn and Genie while the other b-side tracks also made it to these charts (at the time of writing).


Taeyeon – INVU

Taeyeon made her comeback as a K-Pop idol as she performed ‘Weekend’ on music shows after years. She then dropped the second pre-release ‘Can’t Control Myself’ in January to give fans a glimpse of the album whose main theme is ‘love’. The lead single ‘INVU’ is a house dance song with dreamy vibes as she sings about the envy that comes with love.

The dynamic album also has tracks like the upbeat pop song ‘No Love Again’ along with mellow R&B ballads like ‘Some Nights’ as she shows the different emotions that accompany love. Taeyeon also shared that she wanted ‘INVU’ to be a gift for fans “to allow them to revel in new emotions, so I thought of touching their senses as much as possible.”


Were you looking forward to Taeyeon’s third album? Did you like ‘INVU’? Which track was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.
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