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New K-Dramas with K-Pop Idols

New K-Dramas Starring K-Pop Idols

More and more idols are venturing into acting. Some of the latest dramas have idol actors proving their worth like 2PM’s Taecyeon in ‘Vincenzo’ and GOT7’s Jinyoung in ‘The Devil Judge.’ It also allows underrated dramas a chance to shine if an idol is attached to it since their loyal fanbase helps direct the general …

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“REVOLUTION” Singer AleXa Talks About Her New EP “Decoherence”, Podcast, Online Concert And More

Once again we’re back with an interview with your favourite K-Artists and this time around its none other than the super rookie AleXa! ‘Decoherence’, her latest album, officially marks the end of the artist’s debut trilogy that started off with the song ‘Bomb’, went on to ‘Do Or Die’ and finally concluded with ‘Revolution’. Each song …