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K-Pop Themed Cafes In India | Your K-Stop Destination

Trying to figure out where to meet your k-pop fam? Want to enjoy some delicious food while you discuss your favourite scene in the new BTS Run episode? We’ll make it easy for you by listing some K-pop themed cafes in our heartland – India. 


#1 Kalita De Cafe, Guwahati 


If you live in the wonderful state of Assam and are a k-pop fan, you’ve definitely visited Kalita or at the least, heard of it. The first K-pop themed cafe in India started in 2018, it’s got walls filled with our favourite musical acts and some Bangtan cushions to relax and enjoy a good meal. With a mix of Korean and your go-to cafe munchies on the menu, everybody will feel at home (or everyone who’s a k-pop fan). The cafe’s worth visiting at least for it’s K-themed menu, enjoy a cup of ‘Tae-tea’ along with their ‘Hero’ Three Cheese Corn Fest.  They’ve also got a wall filled with BTS pictures, which makes it perfect for an Army Selca. 

Source: bangtanINDIA (facebook)

#2 Bite That Spoon, Kolkata 

Newly opened, Bite That Spoon is every Army’s dream. You’ve got to ‘someday finna find your time’ to visit this BTS themed Cafe. With traditional and modern mouthwatering Korean dishes, you won’t be disappointed. Along with some great food, you can enjoy the worldwide sound of Beyond the scene. ‘Bring the pain on’ with their ‘Bultaoreune Chicken Wings’, while washing it down with ‘Boy meets Evil’. Purple is the colour of love and Bite That Spoon is decked all the way. You can also enjoy the boys’ birthday events and meet more fans at BTS ;). They also have a bunch of BT21 merch along with some adorable polaroids up for grabs! You can follow them on instagram @bitethatspoon, so you never miss an update. 

source: @bitethatspoon instagram.

Special mention:  Hae Kum Gang, Bangalore

While Hae Kum Gang is actually a Restaurant, it’s every Bangalorean K-poppers hub (If you’re able to get there amidst the high traffic and crowded metros :P). While walking up to the restaurant, you will see walls covered with posters and articles of old K-pop groups such as Bigbang, F(x) and more. The authentic Korean food is fantastic and you even get 반찬 (Korean side dishes) refills up to Five times! Enjoy a good time while feeling ‘fancy’ and satisfy your hunger. I’d suggest going on an empty stomach because you’re going to want to try everything on the menu! An unexpected recommendation would be the mushroom and mango sushi (Promise it will blow your mind).

While we’re all hoping that someday there will be a K-pop themed cafe in our own cities as this community keeps growing and expanding, we hope some of us get to experience some fun and food at these wonderful places.