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SHInee Atlantis

SHINee’s ‘Atlantis’ Charts At #1 On iTunes India

On 12th April 2021, SHINee’s ‘Atlantis- The 7th Album Repackage’ was released on SM ENTERTAINMENT’s official youtube channel, SMTOWN. This repackaged album has 3 new songs added to the previously released ‘Don’t Call Me- The 7th Album’. After 3 years, SHINee made their much-awaited comeback as the members Onew, KEY and MINHO successfully returned from …

Lee Seok Chul

K-Pop boy group’s leader breaksdown talking about abuse and violence the group suffered [OUR DETAILED TAKE ON THE KPOP INDUSTRY]

I still have chills and ZERO tolerance as I type this down. Being a fan of the Korean entertainment industry (K-Pop, Dramas, Movies) since 2009, I have observed many phases of how idols behaved, responded and even interacted with each other. There have been many incidents caught on camera but dismissed as “their culture” so …