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Bang Yongguk 2

Bang Yongguk Is Back With His New EP “2”

After creating the hype with his pre-release track “RACE“, Bang Yongguk has finally released EP, “2”. Being his first, it gives a dash of the mixed R&B-rap style as his rhythmic tone weaves alluringly through the album! ‘UP’ being the main title track emphasizes a feeling of still imagery, giving a subtle touch to the song following (G.M.T) which …

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GSoul Opens Up About Discovering The Essence Of Who He Is As An Artist And Its Manifestation In “NATURAL” | Interview

One of the most respected R&B/Soul singer-songwriters of South Korea, GSoul (real name, Kim Ji-Hyun) has been dabbling and dazzling in music for more than 2 decades now! He first made his debut with EP “Coming Home” on January 19, 2015, after 15 long years of training. Since then, the bilingual artist has not only given music …