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Ongoing K-Dramas (2022)

Ongoing K-Dramas You Should Keep Up With (2022)

Are you eagerly anticipating the release of fresh K-Dramas this new year? Why don’t you start with the ongoing ones first, which will most definitely blow your mind and have you yearning for more? From comedy to fantastic immortality, romance to bromance, action to incarnation, north to south, enjoy the warmth of summer this January! …

best k-drama of 2021 #KHIGHRewind 2021

Top Korean Dramas of 2021 | #KHIGHRewind

KHIGH rewind is back with our year-end list of the best KDramas of 2021. Before moving forward, this year the story writers deserve commendable laudation for going beyond the culture, bringing an out-of-the-box script, and dethroning their own previous works. A noteworthy fact about a more diversified audience in 2021 can be credited to Netflix’s …