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Bang Yongguk 2

Bang Yongguk Is Back With His New EP “2”

After creating the hype with his pre-release track “RACE“, Bang Yongguk has finally released EP, “2”. Being his first, it gives a dash of the mixed R&B-rap style as his rhythmic tone weaves alluringly through the album! ‘UP’ being the main title track emphasizes a feeling of still imagery, giving a subtle touch to the song following (G.M.T) which …

Mirani Interview
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Mirani Declares, “Persevering Through All The Fears While Continuing To Rhyme Is A Necessary Element Of An Artist!” | Interview

The rising female rapper, Mirani reflects on her life’s journey to stardom and what lies ahead! Mirani is a South Korean female rapper who debuted independently in 2020 with the song, “Detective (ft.Make a movie)”. She quite recently came back with her very 1st EP, ‘UPTOWN GIRL’ under GroovyRoom’s label, AREA in 2021. The 7-tracked …

Best K-HipHop Albums Of 2021 Best K-HipHop Albums Of 2021 | #KHIGHRewind

Best K-HipHop Albums Of 2021 | #KHIGHRewind

The K-HipHop scene in 2021 was like an overflowing space of diverse music after the “dam of musicality” of artists broke open! From veteran artists like Verbal Jint and Epik High coming back to the scene with a bang, to rising stars of the scene like CAMO, Sokodomo, Mudd The Student, and BIG Naughty, 2021 hasn’t …