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BTS Tracks To Takeover Vh1 India?

Remember the time we, Desi ARMYs had to request Indian Music Channels to play at least one BTS song and would get all tensed with anticipation while waiting to see if our request will get accepted or not? Well, as BTS have been taking over the world, we desi ARMYs might have won our own …


Desi Wear Edition Of Dressing Up As K-Pop Albums!

As the world grapples with lockdowns due to the coronavirus, the K-Pop fans started a new safe trend to keep themselves busy. K-Pop which is characterized by its concepts, fashion, makeup, addictive dance choreography, etc makes it a fun experience for the fans and the fans found a way to honor their favorite bands and …


INDIAN ELF(s) Donate To United Way India In Fight Against COVID-19

United Way India is an affiliate to the global United Way network, world’s largest privately funded, non-profit organization. Their mission is ‘to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world.’ The fanbase INDIAN ELF(s) in collaboration with W-ELF Marketing TEAM recently donated ₹13,000 to United Way India for the frontliners fighting the …