Desi Way To Surf The Hallyu Wave

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Our very own “Wanna One” crew!

The gang that killed it with their synchronization, the winners of the K-Pop Contest India 2018, Dance Category *drrrrum rollssss* We Are Family Crew! We got to sit with them and learn a few things; Did you know they have represented India in the Hip-Hop International Dance Offs placing 4th globally?! 😍 Well here’s an #Exclusive …

Exclusive News

India’s very own aspiring K-Pop Idol!

When she belted “Love Scenario” by iKON everyone was in awe, not only was she ‘pitch perfect’ but she owned the stage like a true performer. Don’t Believe us then see how she got the SNUPER boys Fan Boy-ing.   JuchY (stage name) is an Indian girl filled with dreams to make it as …

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K-Pop Contest India 2018

Another year of a successful K-Pop Contest India 2018 wraps up! For those who don’t know, every year South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs organises the “K-Pop World Festival”, the winners from K-Pop contests held in various countries come down to Changwon, South Korea for the ultimate finale. That’s how the K-Pop contest India came …