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New K-Dramas with K-Pop Idols

New K-Dramas Starring K-Pop Idols

More and more idols are venturing into acting. Some of the latest dramas have idol actors proving their worth like 2PM’s Taecyeon in ‘Vincenzo’ and GOT7’s Jinyoung in ‘The Devil Judge.’ It also allows underrated dramas a chance to shine if an idol is attached to it since their loyal fanbase helps direct the general …

SHInee Atlantis

SHINee’s ‘Atlantis’ Charts At #1 On iTunes India

On 12th April 2021, SHINee’s ‘Atlantis- The 7th Album Repackage’ was released on SM ENTERTAINMENT’s official youtube channel, SMTOWN. This repackaged album has 3 new songs added to the previously released ‘Don’t Call Me- The 7th Album’. After 3 years, SHINee made their much-awaited comeback as the members Onew, KEY and MINHO successfully returned from …