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KARD's BM Broken Me

BM Of KARD Releases His Cinematic Solo Track ‘Broken Me’

KARD’s member BM (Big Matthew) has finally dropped his single Broken Me, after dire anticipation and long waiting. The teaser itself received a sky wrecking audience reaction. The dark-themed cozy vibe English track is so much more than what’s overt. BM’s deep voice is the perfect summarizing note like a never-ending echo for a sad-themed …

Penthouse 3

Penthouse 3 Off To A Comical And Explosive Start

Season 2 of Penthouse ended in April 2021 and it was a good two months before fans could resume the roller coaster series. The hype for the drama was kept up by the show’s makers with intermittent teasers and character stills for the upcoming new season. Season 2 of Penthouse left the fans with a huge …