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Whee In Interview
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“I Don’t Think There’s Anything More Proud & Happier Than When Fans Like & Are Satisfied With My Album!” Says Whee In | Interview

Following in the footsteps of her solo debut album, ‘Redd’ which marked a new beginning in the artistic life of vocalist, Whee In of MAMAMOO, is her latest mini-album titled ‘WHEE’. Consisting of 6 lyrical tracks, this sophomore album by Whee In deepens the impression she had made as a soloist in the music world. …


Best Korean R&B Songs Of 2020 | #KHIGHRewind

Rhythm and Blues (R&B) might not be everybody’s cup of tea but when the modern Korean artists vocalize it in their own contemporary styles and forms, mixing in elements of pop, soul, jazz, etc., even the toughest souls give in to the flow. 2020’s K-R&B releases have propelled this genre of music into the spotlight, …