Bangtan Sonyneondan’s first appearance on MTV, since their debut in 2013 left the ARMY speechless. The international premiere of the show was on 23rd February 9pm EST on MTV unplugged.

What songs did they perform?

Racing Purple hearts never saw this coming as unexpected surprises is BTS’s forte. The show had heart-throbbing back-to-back performances of some songs from BTS’s last released album BE, including ‘Telepathy’, ‘Blue and Grey’, with a fabulous instrumental version of ‘Life Goes On’, and ‘Dynamite’.

Surprise! Surprise!

For inciting the global wave of Korean pop across the world BTS marks several accolades for their music and holds the record of the biggest fandom in the world. There is no way to calm down after hearing BTS’s cover on Coldplay’s song Fix You. Not to undermine the authentic band but the lyrical distribution between 7 people was exceptional, and BTS even took a semitone higher than the original.

Coldplay himself commented on the performance by writing “beautiful” in Korean and “Love” in English, along with the bandmembers’ individual initials. The song might be a perfect fix for the broken distance between Army and BTS, but the event had a lot more lachrymose moments for the fans.

It isn’t surprising to now see Coldplay receive Armys Love!!

Moments that are hard to forget

“While I wrote Blue and Grey, Blue was the feeling of sadness and Grey was the loneliness of being away from ARMY” ~ Kim Taehyung

His words were like a humming sound, a bittersweet echo with a gentle reminder that BTS is out there showering their love in every possible way they can. How the lyrical back story and the states of their minds became a reason for every song they performed might not be new for the ARMYs but just another unheard representation of, what makes BTS so unique!

Were you able to process the backstory without getting emotional?

What makes the Band so exceptional? Is it their catholic language of communicating through their music?, Or Is it what BTS stands for, as a progressive youth on world stage breaking stereotypes?

We can certainly conclude, BTS’s Love for Army is eternal and they say it out loud every time!