Lucky also known as the most famous Indian in Korea, recently uploaded a picture on Instagram of his London trip, upto here things seemed normal only to escalate when KAI of EXO commented “Indo + Korea indokorea guy“. Also it seems, the secret person in the post is KAI, who is seen photographing Lucky.


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Not long after this, the comment section was burgeoning with messages and requests for KAI and EXO. And as Indian fans who are yet to see an EXO Concert, just the fact that KAI said ‘Indo‘ & is friends with Lucky – an Indian, is enough to satisfy our desert of a heart.



Lucky, full name Abhishek Gupta has lived in Korea for over 22 years and has made a celebrity status for himself being a TV personality, Koreans might miss out on his name but his face is recognised in every household. Lucky recently started his own restaurant “Lucky India“. The place boasts of authentic Indian food but with a hip ambiance, its also often visited by Lucky’s Korean celebrity friends doing the Indian Turban challenge!


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럭키인디아 인도 왕 모자 챌린지 ㅋㅋ 2pm 찬성, 배우 김민교 그리고 비정상회담 제임스, 대니얼, 기욤 그리고 내 배드민턴 친구 첼시 그리고 몸짱 엔더슨 너무 감사합니다 ♡(모자 깨긋해요) 여러분도 이모자 쓰고 #럭키인디아 올려주면 난 한 서비스로 드립니다 ~ The Indian turban challenge continues at Lucky India kpop singer Chansung of 2pm Actor Mingyo my non summit friends James,Daniel and Giyom, Chelsea and Anderson thanks for participating and if you take a picture with Turban and post at #Luckyindia we will happily give a naan of your choice ~ . . #kpop #kpopfans #chansung #2pm #찬성 #가수 #배우 #김민교 #snlkorea #비정상회담 #대한외국인 #배드미턴 #친구 #럭키인디아 #인도음식 #탄두리 #커리 #수요미식회 #turban #챌린지 ♡

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