Desis on Twitter went into a frenzy when not one but two members of TXT gave us the “interaction” we Indian fans are always on the lookout for.


Come on let’s collect our crumbs!


Yeonjun of TXT recently freestyled on a remix of the classic Bollywood song “Tere Karan Mere Saajan” during his VLive. While Yeonjun did his crazy cool moves on the line “Piya milan ko gai”, we desis can not help but think that piya milan ko India kab ayenge?

(Remix Track name: Apollo G’eeze – Bombay)

Take a look here:


We can see you grinning 😀 We are too my friend.

Meanwhile, TXT member Taehyun went ahead and did this:


Here are some of the tweets by fans responding to this utterly unnecessary-but-oh-well-we-love-it tease by TXT:


Hi, TXT in case you are reading this, please stop the tease and come to India already!