Netflix's Nevertheless JTBC

The K-Drama ‘Nevertheless’ has a varied representation of an unconventional romance. The drama featuring Han So-hee as Yu Na-bi, Song Kang as Park Jae-eon (Junior Year University Student), and Chae Jong-hyeop as Yang Do-hyeok (Yu Na-bi’s childhood friend) take over JTBC’s Friday and Saturday 23:00 time slot previously occupied by Undercover. For the students in the sculpture department, we have Yang Hye-ji as Oh Bit-na, Kim Min-gwi as Nam Kyu-hyun, Lee ho-jung as Yoon sol, and Yoon Seol-A as Seo Ji-wan.

Netflix's Nevertheless JTBC
Do you think the two best friends, feel more about each other but are yet to know about it themselves?

Surprising his fans with his third drama this year as a lead following ‘Navillera and Love Alarm 2, Song Kang has definitely proven himself as a committed actor with a diverse range of befitting roles. After the second lead syndrome in the drama Sisyphus: The Myth, ‘Nevertheless’ is yet to showcase Chae Jong-hyeop’s exceptional cooking skills as a chef and his unrequited love for his long lost childhood friend Na-bi.

Netflix's Nevertheless JTBC
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About The Drama

Can you believe that a strong scent of adrenaline excitement can heal the pain of a sad dating experience? Well, that’s how the story begins for Na-bi majoring in sculpture design, who meets a young man in a bar while retrospecting over her painful experience of a choking relationship and the relief of having walked past through it. As this young man joins the seat beside her, Na-bi is taken aback by how effortlessly her thoughts were clouded about this cryptic guy with a sweet smile. After a couple of hours of great interaction, she suddenly feels getting caught up in the “guy mess” again and decides to skip on her future plans with him as she quietly walks away.

Netflix's Nevertheless, JTBC

As she hopes of gaining a new perception in her artwork after finally being out of a harrowing relationship, she faces a convoluting situation when that young guy from the bar turns out to be her junior, Park Jae-eon. As the two meet repeatedly, she finds it difficult to resist her own physical urge and slowly begins to walk down the path of an unnamed relationship with him. Jae-eon is known for his history of flings amongst girls but despite knowing this Na-bi finds a mutual ground for her inchoate emotions as she begins to witness a different side in him unknown to rest.

“A distance that is close enough, yet not too close to hurt each other” ~Park Jae-eon

The drama’s unconventional style of a short-term romance is different from the ones we usually come across. Even though it is not a cliché but the drama’s carefully scripted story reasons with such interactions and relations.  Just like Na-bi who finds unparalleled peace with Jae-eon, a source of motivation, and takes a path that changes her outlook on short-term relationships; we can empathize that a similar story exists for everyone. Having thought about that we reached out to some fans to discuss and know their opinions on the same.

Nevertheless JTBC
Can a kiss lead to the beginning of love or does it end like a fling?

Fan Interaction

KHIGH: How far do you agree with the idea that long-term relationships are harrowing?

Jeff Dai, Georgia: Yes, far enough if you can’t even meet once a month.

Srikanth Ravishankar, Milan-Italy: In long-term relationships(LTR), the work changes from, how do I make a meaningful connection with this person I like, to how do I maintain a meaningful connection with this person I’ve chosen. So as quoted by Jianny Adamo, a counselor and relationship coach at Fearless Love “long-term relationships will change you— either for better or for worse,” I strongly believe that. So what we do is- choose our partner well, someone who can grow with us. [Their] friends and family become our friends and family, vice versa, and their debts or assets will either take or contribute to our relationship. So, this doesn’t make you feel LTR is harrowing right! Inevitably, every long-term couple will go through rough patches in their relationship. The key is to make it last, if you keep remembering that, then no matter what, you and your partner are on the same team.

Shivani Raju, India: No, I don’t agree. Relationships always have problems but that doesn’t necessarily make it a harrowing experience. The right kind of relationship stays or goes on for a long time because of mutual understanding, communication, and the art of ‘Listening’. It’s a mandatory two-way street.

Jane Kim, Korea: If it is a serious relationship, I don’t agree about the term.
But if it’s just for sex or a hobby, it will be enough for 2-3 days.

Elijah Song, Log Angeles, USA: It really depends, so if it is a toxic and abusive relationship then yes, it is going to be a very unpleasant, uncomfortable, and harmful relationship. If it is a healthy one it may not necessarily be harrowing but then that again also depends on the two people who are in the relationship. But usually, long-term relationships are not harrowing mainly because you are used to your partner and you know their likes and dislikes and they know yours. So usually in a long-term relationship, you are more comfortable and settled with your partner.


KHIGH: Just like in the K-Drama, do you think the feeling of being embraced by somebody even for a night, can make you feel less vulnerable or even heal a person’s melancholic past? What is your opinion on this?

Jane Kim: It depends on who they are, like a boy or a girl. If a guy embraces me in the night suddenly, I will be shocked. I can not imagine what kind of feeling I will have if a girl does the same thing to me. 

Jeff Dai: Being in a long-term relationship is hard. But once you embrace your feelings for someone else, then that will be considered cheating, then you should maybe rethink about the relationship you have. Long term relationship is all about trust and integrity. If you fail to hold that standard then maybe the long-term relationship isn’t for you. You should end it. Don’t use the excuse “he/she went too far, I was lonely, etc” and embrace your feelings for someone else.

Shivani Raju: I imagine the feeling to be a temporary relief more than healing. If it keeps happening now and then I feel it’ll be short bursts of fulfillment, but followed by sudden withdrawal and emptiness. A person on their own or with the right kind of friend or partner can make a difference in their life and that too only if they want to, regardless of their past. The past remains the past and cannot be changed, only the future remains in your hands.

Elijah Song: Well, to be honest, I’m not the type of person to feel less vulnerable when embraced by someone for just one night, mainly because I’m someone who wants and expects commitment and a long-term relationship. I don’t really think it can heal someone’s melancholic past if it’s just for one night, I mean healing is a slow process and it takes a lot of time to heal from any kind of trauma. So yes, I don’t think that it can help in healing at all.

Srikanth Ravishankar: A fun fact is that our skin is our largest organ, so we have never felt more exposed and vulnerable!! When we reach out to someone, a chemical called oxytocin— also dubbed the ‘love hormone’ kicks in and makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. The effects of a warm embrace can linger long after that: Oxytocin promotes feelings of trust, nurturing, and calm. So this shows that getting embraced can improve our physiological stability and heal us too. Now that’s some science stuff!
Psychologists famously term something called ‘Skin hunger’. From the moment we’re born, we want to feel close to another warm body. These feelings are amplified in times when we’re stressed and feeling very vulnerable. In my own vulnerable moments, it makes perfect sense that my skin hunger takes over and I recall fond memories of someone comforting me.


KHIGH: If you happen to come across a sexy partner like Park Jae-eon or Oh Bit-na, who is really sweet, cool to be around, and treats you with respect but is not that vocal about commitments; Like in the K-Drama after Nabi ended her long-term relationship with her manipulative ex and got intimidated by a man that was the definition of freedom, complicated but yet tantalizing. A dream too good to be true but yet in front of you. What would be your move then? Have you had a similar experience?

Elijah Song: Honestly, if someone like Bit-na came up to me, I’d rather be friends with her even though she’s extremely attractive because, in my opinion, that sort of relationship is very toxic and problematic. The push-and-pull method can really mess with people’s emotions, end up hurting them and emotionally scarring them. Yes, there was a time when I did get intimidated but it didn’t end well and I just ended up hurting myself and everyone around me.

Jane Kim: If I think of somebody who is my ideal type, I am not gonna hesitate, I think I would go forward and let the flow take command.

Shivani Raju: I haven’t been in a similar experience but by analyzing the type of trauma Nabi went through in her relationship with her manipulative ex- a person would always try to find similar mistakes in their recent relationship or treat it the same way they did previously, as well as by being extremely cautious and harboring a lot of distrust unless proven wrong multiple times. It wouldn’t be an easy task to accept whatever “good thing” they have in front of them without picking it apart or trying to find faults that their mind is craving because they have been so, negatively influenced & largely pessimistic. The absence of faults would seem rather confusing for a person in that situation I believe.

Srikanth Ravishankar: Honestly, I have never been in a relationship, but I have seen all my close friends struggling with their manipulative yet gorgeous partner (it can be male or female).
It is very true that “appearance is deceptive”. One of my poetess queen, Sylvia Plath, gave me many insights through most of her poems on how the appearance and character of your partner are not always related. But unfortunately, if you fall for a good-looking partner and later you realize he/she is making you feel bad in any way, make your partner realize that he/she is hurting you knowingly or unknowingly. It is something that you need to do the moment it happens and if they still don’t stop, then you ‘Just walk away.’ We all disagree at times, that is a part of normal relationships, but disrespect is simply not.

Jeff Dai: So this goes back to the long-term relationship part. If you find that you can’t deal with it, then just end it. Don’t try to keep the relationship and still enjoy it when others give you respect and joy. In the end, you will lose everything. The long-term relationship that you’re committed to and the one near you. Granted when you say I’m going to end this long-term thing and go out with this boy/girl that is near me, it might not end up good, but that’s a decision an adult should make. Instead of trying to keep both and lie about things. I might as well add, if both parties agree to just have an ONS I think it’s fine as long as they both are clear about it, and there is no third person suffering.

Fun fact- Na-bi means butterflies in Korean, Jae-eon has a butterfly tattoo on his neck because he loves butterflies.
Netflix's Nevertheless JTBC
Oh Bit Na and Nam Kyu Hun transforming from being friends to something complicated

The similarity of thoughts and the openness to a new culture and new experience is felt by every person we spoke to, as long as the interaction has a true representation in one person’s mind, time can never define the strength of that bond. As the subsequent episodes unravel let’s see how the love story of Yu Na-bi and Park Jae-eon unfolds. One thing is sure though, the drama is already a full bloom in the hearts of everyone because of the unique and personalized representation it impinges on people. We have enough proof for that already!

Let us know what are your thoughts on the drama.

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