Tiger JK Calls For Asian Solidarity And Empowerment In "Love Peace"

Tiger JK, the Korean Hip-Hop living legend is back with a release titled, “Love Peace”.

Shot like a shaded rebel action-movie, the music video complements the powerful message of Asian solidarity and empowerment. Imparting this message, Tiger JK raps off of his own personal experiences of racism he faced and saw while staying abroad. His “calm and composed aggression” shines through the consistent deep-bass instrumentation and his exemplary rap skills.

The Chorus resonates with a catchy reiteration of the lines, “I bring the soul from the circle to the center, my people feel the flavor from the chi before they enter” whose heavy significance are a mark of potent penmanship. The song’s coming a full circle, as it ends with “Peace love unity… Or else” is also equally efficacious in invoking the latent spirit of its listeners.

The added spark of his wife and fellow member (MFBTY), Yoon Mi Rae in the chorus, also amps up the powerful reverberations this track has on all its listeners.

Watch here:


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