Snagging the hottest New Artist Korean awards around within a year of their debut (2019), Brand New Music’s 4-member self-producing boy group, AB6IX are hailed by many as the ‘Most Anticipated Rookies of 2020’. In 2021 however, this quartet group consisting of Jeon Woong, Kim Dong-Hyun, Park Woo-Jin, and Lee Dae-Hwi, seem to be coming back even stronger and more mature as artists, if their ‘bop arsenal’ of already-released 2021 music is anything to go by! 

Starting from the top left and going clockwise: Kim Dong Hyun, Jeon Woong, Park Woo Jin, and Lee Dae Hwi.

Hailing from different regional backgrounds and influenced by disparate musical experiences, you might have thought that being in perfect cohesion would be impossible for them. However, on the contrary, their rich and divergent debut journeys, until they finally find each other and become a part of AB6IX, is what the members call their “Destiny” working its magic.

Inspired by this offbeat yet inspiring shared bond of the members, KPOP HIGH INDIA interacted with these rising, monster rookies to find out everything that AB6IX represents and to explore the expanding musical horizons of AB6IX through their new EP ‘MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM’.

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KHIGH: Officially AB6IX stands for ‘ABSOLUTE SIX’ and ‘ABOVE BRANDNEW SIX’ but what does ‘AB6IX’ mean for you personally?

WOONG: I think it is a “strap” that links us to one another and makes our unit complete.

DONG HYUN: It contains the meaning that we are destined to be together despite being from different places.

WOO JIN: AB6IX means that the ‘Fans and Artists become one, and to be complete…even if one is missing, we won’t be existing’.

DAE HWI: It contains the meaning of filling each other up, for growth and for the better and for more completed form.


KHIGH: Do you think AB6IX’s aplenty of A1 grade songwriting and music composing (and sometimes even self-choreography) skills, are what makes your music unique and worldwide-endearing? What does the creative process of these self-written, self-composed tracks look like? 

WOONG: I think I get recognized for trying my best at all times!

DONG HYUN: We keep on seeking interesting opportunities and trying our best in this industry, and people are noticing that. Also, all members are very passionate when it comes to crafting our work, which shows in our music.

WOO JIN: Thankfully people see us for our uniqueness and the variety of colors it portrays, as we try our best to deliver good music. All the members are very serious and do their best when it comes to working on our projects.

DAE HWI: We all are passionate and sincere when it comes to working on an album. We express AB6IX by sending our messages via our music and we wish that we can keep having a deep conversation with our fans through it.


Check out ‘SALUTE’, the title track of their 3rd EP ‘SALUTE: A NEW HOPE’ – an album that features at least one self-written, self-composed track from each of the 4 members:


KHIGH: Your 4th EP, ‘MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM’ is all set to be released this April, while January 2021 released album – SALUTE: A NEW HOPE’s fever has not yet even subsided! With this pumped-up excitement brewing among the ABNEWs, what would you say is the message behind this comeback? How would this EP be a step-ahead towards realizing AB6IX’s goals?

WOONG: We wanted to show the growth and maturity we have achieved. Please look forward to seeing our performances, decorated with AB6IX’s unique colors. Through this album, we also hope to continue to be loved and supported by our fans for a long time.

DAE HWI: For every album, we go in with the mindset of To become the best, we need to take a step forward.’ We hope for the moment that our music will be loved more, by a much wider audience every comeback. We are here with our very first “two-episode” series, where ‘MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM’ will be the first part. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Produced by the hit-making duo, Coach and Sendo, ‘CLOSE’, the title track of the new EP resonates with deep house beats and beautifully synthesized pluck synths to deliver a mystic, chic, dance-pop bop:


KHIGH: Other than the much-anticipated comeback plans, are there any special activities that you are working on this year (especially considering that your 2nd debut anniversary is coming up soon)? 

DONG HYUN: I can’t tell you precisely but we as a group and individual artists are planning to be more active this year, than last year and show various new sides of us to our fans.

WOO JIN: Currently there are not many things that have been confirmed due to the pandemic, but whatever chances and opportunities come to us, we are ready to perform and bring our best to our fans. 

An AB6IX lightstick ring that signifies the link of shared love and support of 2 years between the artists and ABNEWs.


KHIGH: Have you heard of the rising K-Pop and AB6IX’s craze in India? What would you like to do/try if you ever visit India? 

WOONG: If I visit India, I would like to try some delicious traditional Indian food. I haven’t tried much yet, so I’m not too familiar with it, but I’m ready to enjoy them with the members.

DONG HYUN: It is lovely to hear that India loves AB6IX. If I have a chance to visit India, I would like to experience the unique traditional culture the country has.

WOO JIN: I’m interested to see wonderful ancient architectures, and roam around India sightseeing with the members. 

DAE HWI: I’ve heard about our fans in India! I can’t wait to see the local fans and feel the joy of being one through our music, despite the language barrier. 


KHIGH: You have worked with various international artists like singer-songwriter, Lizzo, and American boyband, Why Don’t We. Are there any other international artists you want to collaborate with? Maybe, a collaboration with an Indian artist to delight our Indian ABNEWs?

WOONG: It would be a great honor to collaborate with an Indian artist! Collaboration works have always been full of fun and happiness, so I’m sure it will going to be a fun project if it happens. 


Feel the adrenaline rush of falling in love, in AB6IX’s captivating collaborative track, ‘Fallin’ (Adrenaline) Remix version’ with quartet band, Why Don’t We:


KHIGH: Since the interview wouldn’t be complete without some “Spill the beans” TMIs, could you tell us some funny/unique habits of yours that many fans may not know of?

WOONG: Unfortunately, nothing… because our fans know quite a lot about us already! 

WOO JIN: I have no secrets as such to disclose to our fans as we are already very close with each other.

DAE HWI: We do not pursue to be a mysterious group. We try to show our real sides in public, but we will think about coming up with more TMIs for our fans and get back to you 😁

DONG HYUN: By watching a workout video, Dae Hwi has the ability to feel the pain of that person, and ends up indirectly exercising.

[ABNEWs, did you know about this spilled fact about maknae Daehwi already? Or, did this make your close-knitted bond with AB6IX that other members adoringly mentioned, get even stronger😉]

Woo Jin: “AB6IX means that the ‘Fans and Artists become one, and to be complete…even if one is missing, we won’t be existing’.”


KHIGH: Lastly, is there any parting message you have for the ABNEWs in India and Worldwide as they await your new music? 

WOONG:  Hi ABNEWs in India who cheer for us, even from quite far away! I am always grateful for your support and hope you will enjoy our new album! Stay tuned for a better version of AB6IX, and us growing as artists! Thank you so much and love you!

DONG HYUN: We always appreciate your love, our ABNEWs, and we love you too! Until we meet again, stay healthy!

WOO JIN: I really miss you all. Thank you all for your support. We will always do our best for you!

DAE HWI: Hi ABNEWs in India~ It is because of our fans who love our music and our group, that we are able to not give up and continue moving forward. So, please stay safe from the pandemic, and I hope we have a chance to go visit and see all of you in person! Please be patient in the meantime and we will continue to come to you with diverse activities. Love you~

“We always appreciate your love, our ABNEWs, and we love you too! Until we meet again, stay healthy!”



Taking a step forward with their new 5-tracked EP, ‘MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM’, AB6IX renowned as a self-producing group, showcase their ever-expanding musical horizons as the quartet experimented with diverse genres ranging from punk-pop to hiphop and alternative-hiphop, to an all-powerful, atmospheric pop-rock track called ‘MERRY-GO-ROUND’. Maknae Lee Daehwi had also been an integral part of the music production for this EP while versatile dancer and rapper of AB6IX, Park Woojin had penned most of its lyrical rap verses.

Check out the 4th EP’s Comeback Showcase to understand the workings behind the EP more clearly and celebrate the new album release with the boys:

With this burning passion for surpassing their own artistic selves with each comeback, we can be certain that AB6IX will only go higher and higher from here forth and make every day of ABNEWs all over the world brighter.


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