“Shona Shona”, a new song by famous Desi Pop singers Neha and Tony Kakkar, was released on the 24th of November, 2020. The music video for the track featured Shehnaaz Gill and Siddharth Shukla, a.k.a ‘Sidnaaz’, who went viral for their chemistry on the Indian reality show Big Boss. The music video broke multiple records, was admired for the set design and was trending #1 on YouTube India and multiple social platforms.

Except, K-Pop fans had seen it all before.

The music video showed striking similarities to the hit and carefully crafted music videos of K-Pop artists B1A4’s 영화처럼 (Like a Movie), released on October 19, 2020,  and IZ*ONE’s “Twelve” title track Beware, which dropped on October 7, 2020. Right from the outset of the Desi Pop video, frames from both the pastel themed K-Pop music videos are shown in alternating sequences with negligible differences. While only video frames from IZ*ONE’s Beware are used, the entire storyline and plot of  B1A4’s “Like a Movie” video created by the production company Sunny Visual and directed by Yoo Sung Gyun, which secured 33 million views within a week, was entirely plagiarised. 


                                                                       Source: Naver News
                                          Source: Naver News


The K-Pop community was quick to call out the artists for this stark plagiarism in the video’s comments section. While ‘Inspiration Credits’ are given to both the videos in an easy-to-miss font in the description of “Shona Shona”, fans are still angered at the disrespect for original creativity and do not consider this as an excuse for plagiarism. It remains unresolved if the proper legal rights for plagiarism have been granted by the agencies of the original artists.

Korean web portal Naver News reported that “it is safe to say that the video is plagiarised. Only changing the cast is not enough”

B1A4’s agency WM Entertainment is currently reviewing the situation and has quoted, “The company is already aware of this. We are carefully reviewing our future actions.”


B1A4’s agency WM Entertainment is currently reviewing the situation and has quoted, “We are aware of the plagiarism issue regarding the Indian artist. We are carefully reviewing possible responses.”

This is not the first time Indian artists have poached K-Pop concepts. The most recent cases have been Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar’s song “Hum Tum” which plagiarised the music of BTS’ Airplane pt. 2 and Raftaar copying RM’s solo “Do You” for his music video “MANTOIYAT”.

Fans are currently speaking up and mass mailing the concerned companies using a template.