Given the exigent presence of K-Pop trends on India’s twitter trends, it isn’t a surprise that India ranked 11th in the list of Top 20 K-Pop markets by tweet volume.

In the Annual K-Pop India contest held recently, the South Korean ambassador to India mentioned that India is the 6th largest consumer of K-Pop in the world.

In recognition of efforts of the Indian K-Pop community, BTS, along with notable diplomats, delivered a special message which thrilled the Indian fanbase.


Why is K-pop “popping” in India?

Let’s discover through the top 10 artists who have successfully broken India’s barriers, inspiring a love transcending language.




The most mentioned K-Pop artist in India needs no introduction. In a historic feat, the septet, with their recent single Dynamite, topped Billboard charts and broke multiple world records. Much of their credit is owed to the band’s loyal fandom known as the ‘ARMY’. BTS is dominating the world with their power stemming from their healing messages for youth, music, work ethic, unreal dance routines and pure talent. India is no exception to this- they make up 60% of total streams by a foreign act on JioSaavn, have over 103+ streams on Gaana and have remained uncontested at #1 on Spotify India for weeks.



K-pop was synonymous with EXO for a long time after their debut. The previously 12 member group drew attention with their novel EXO Universe concept and the superpowers that were associated with them. Now promoted as a 9 member group, the trendsetting members have acted in various award-winning dramas. Indian EXOLs have dominated the fandom ever since with multiple projects for charity and the members!



At the mention of K-pop, a visual of 9 cheery girls dancing in varsity jackets to an addictive tune is common. The iconic 2016 song of the year is “Cheer Up” by Twice, India’s favorite k-pop girl group. Their cuteness, playful personalities, comeback frequency, stunning visuals and compelling music have Indian fans swaying. Let’s not forget the time when Tzuyu’s archery video went viral in India!



Tomorrow X Together (TXT), is a 5 member group that debuted in 2019 under BTS’ parent label. In an industry requiring years post debut for an artist to establish themselves, TXT broke all rules amassing massive success in no time. They are also famed for their TikTok presence. Indian MOAs (their fandom) went in a frenzy last year when Yeonjun, a member, freestyled to Bollywood remixes on a live stream.



If their strapping visuals and insane dance routines performed to powerful beats drew you into the fandom, it’s their bromance, funny antics and crack-humor which will make you stay. GOT 7, a 7-member group has been promising since their 2014 debut. Their latest EP, Dye, is their bestselling album. Almost all members have mentioned India and the group’s rapper Jackson, often alludes to India, much to the excitement of Indian Aghases (the title of their fanbase). GOT7 has one of the most dedicated fandoms in India



Recognized as a superpower in the k-pop industry, this female quartet is famous for competing at top positions in charts. Earlier this year, their single “How You Like That” broke records for being the most viewed music video on YouTube, (at the time). Their collaboration with Selena Gomez, titled “Ice Cream” is doing well on Spotify India charts, making them a household name. A budding fandom, Indian Blinks are growing stronger day by day.



13 members + 3 subunits (hip-hop, vocal and performance) + 1 team, is how seventeen introduces themselves. The group has been coursing through billboard charts since their debut. Known for their unparalleled choreographies, the group has garnered a fan following in India. Their uplifting tracks, charming group dynamics, and independent production have made them a power amongst major labels. Let’s not forget when S.Coups got us crying happy tears dancing to a Bollywood tune!




This 8 member rookie group is winning over audiences at an iconic pace. The group debuted in 2018 and is known for concepts varying with every album, making them one of the most versatile groups out there. With their soulful voices, powerful visuals and humility, this group has birthed a large Indian fanbase.




Often seen leaving major artists’ stunned with their award show performances, this female quartet is known for their jarring vocals, bold personalities and universally appealing music. The members’ solos are also popular. An icon for strength and talent, it is no surprise that the Indian youth is abuzz with their name (and about time we stan MAMAMOO!).


10.NCT 127


This NCT unit of the globally distributed group has charted a successful path for itself. The 10 member group is known for hooking singles with a diverse range of concepts. With their dynamics and alluring visuals, the group is budding an Indian following.


Undoubtedly, India is mirroring global K-Pop consumption patterns. True to the nation’s love for vibrancy and grandeur, India’s favourite Kpop artists all have- splendid performances, soulful music, humorous personalities and stunning visuals- in common.


Writer: Manasi Kamthe