Train To Busan Presents: Peninsula, Movie Releases in India!

Set four years after ‘Train To Busan’, ‘Peninsula’ picks up the story with more zombies and more thrill. The movie, directed by Yeon Sang-Ho features Gang Dong-Won, Lee Jung Hyun, Kwon Hae Hyo and Kim Min Jae amongst others.  Peninsula released in India on 27th November in Hindi Dubbed, English Dubbed and Original Korean language with English subtitle.


Image Credits: Expose News


The movie, often touted mononymously ‘Peninsula’ tells the story four years after the first movie starring Gong Yoo. It narrates the story of a soldier who returns to a zombie-infested Korea to retrieve a truck full of money. The movie can be watched as a standalone as well. It was released in South Korea on 15th July 2020, later in August in the USA. Now it has finally released in Indian theatres as well! You can catch the movie at PVR Cinemas, Carnival Cinemas, INOX, Cinemax and other local theatres.

Please maintain social distancing, and protocol when you go to the theatres. Stay healthy, stay safe!

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Nandini Iyengar

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