TREASURE The Second Step: Chapter One

2021 saw the rookie group TREASURE not only release music but also try their hands at acting through their web drama series ‘The Mysterious Class‘, filming a new season of their variety show, ‘TREASURE Map’ and preparing for their upcoming concert in April 2022. After almost a whole year, the twelve-piece, TREASURE released the next part of their musical journey through a new mini-album, The Second Step: Chapter One”, with the title track Jikjin‘.

The album and the music video for ‘Jikjin’ dropped on the 15th of February. ‘Jikjin’ debuted #1 on Bugs (their first song to do so), and the three songs from the album took the following top spots on real-time Hot Charts on Bugs too! It quickly rose up on other worldwide charts as well, scoring #1 on LINE Music Japan and #1 on iTunes in 24 countries like Vietnam and Indonesia, including India (at the time of writing). Fans couldn’t be more delighted to see their favorite group achieve new milestones in their career through this album!


TREASURE – The Second Step: Chapter One

The Second Step: Chapter One is an ensemble of four tracks that highlight the group’s effort to find their niche in music.Jikjin (straight) portrays the group rushing straight ahead for love with vigor and exuberance, emphasizing the hip-hop style evident in YG while accentuating the vocalism and rap. YG also claimed to have spent almost $420,000 on the production of the music video that screams speed and luxury.U features more mellow newtro sounds, whereasDARARI focuses on an easygoing upbeat pop melody.IT’S OKAY brings forth a soft R&B acoustic tune. ‘BFF (Best Friend Forever)‘ and ‘Gonna Be Fine‘ are two additional tracks that will be exclusively available on physical records.

The album set is unexpectedly pleasing, stressing the beautifully evolving vocal techniques of the members that are absolutely alluring. Members Choi Hyun Suk, Yoshi, Haruto, and Bang Ye Dam also participated in various processes like writing, lyricising, and composing the songs on the album. This album is truly an achievement for the group, truly showcasing the group’s musical growth and its bright future ahead.


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