TVXQ’s MAX CHANGMIN has just made his comeback with his 2nd mini-album, ‘DEVIL’ – an EP that follows in the wake of his 2019’s Korean solo debut with 1st EP, ‘Chocolate’. EP ‘DEVIL’, whose lead track carries the same song title, has been much-anticipated by fans of the singer as every teaser image showcased CHANGMIN striking a devilishly handsome pose. The pre-released tracks, ‘Fever’, which dazzled listeners on SMTown live concert on 1st January, and ‘Maniac’ which beckoned in the listeners with its anthemic energy, also have contributed immensely to this elevating excitement about the album release!



The lead-track ‘Devil’ brings forth perfection in every single element that makes a K-Pop release, the ultimate banger! Fully imbibing the “Devil” concept into the cinematography and visuals, the music video alternates between the dark tones of a canopied jungle and a dingy stage, with the light hues of a boundless open land. It gives the listeners an apt visual symbolism of the conflict going on within the artist between the two opposing sides of his being. The reverberating electric guitar melody, the suspenseful harmonic background vocals weaved between powerful rock-infused vocals of CHANGMIN, and the inky-poetic lyricism of the song, have an almost trance-like effect on the listeners – a spell cast by a Devil indeed!

Following in the bewitching steps of ‘Devil’ is also a sensual Latin-pop and Dance inspired b-side,Dirty Dancing’ and a wispy-soft ‘Airplane Mode’ which promises a soothing listening experience. MAX CHANGMIN’s 2nd solo mini-album “DEVIL”, hence seems to be a full package, banking on strong vocals, alluring instrumentation, and elite penmanship of the artist.


Have you checked out ‘DEVIL’  by TVXQ’s MAX CHANGMIN yet? Which track was your favorite from the EP? Let us know in the comments.
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