During the month of May 2019 India was hit hard by Cyclone Fani in regions like Odisha.

We have seen many accounts of fans contributing to social causes on occasion of their favourite artists’ birthday/anniversary etc. and this is another – recent inspiring efforts in India by ONCEs (Fandom of Korean girlgroup TWICE).


We got in touch with the admins of TWICE India the first and largest TWICE Fanbase in India. They told us that it was during Dahyun’s (member of TWICE) Birthday when they were planning to involve their community in helping with social causes.

“We started thinking about donating books and clothes to the orphanages/ NGOs. Since donating old books/clothes wouldn’t require monetary contribution, many Onces who are still young would be able to help us. But in the midst of the discussion, Odisha was hit by Cyclone Fani and there were many organisations and NGOs who shared links for donations and for sending supplies from all over India. That’s how we came in contact with goonj.org, an NGO known for undertaking disaster relief, humanitarian aid and community development across India. We reached out to them and they responded positively and provided us with the list of drop down centres where we could donate the materials. So we made an official poster and gave out all the details regarding the procedure – how you can donate, where to donate, etc.”


The K-Pop demography is built with majorly young fans, kids in school or college who still have to rely on their parents financially. Specially in our country where the culture of part time jobs or allowance is a rarity. And yet 44 young kids came together and donated ₹8,871 which was directly transferred to CM’s relief fund. And some from Delhi and West Bengal donated relief materials to Goonj.


“Honestly, we weren’t expecting a lot of fund donations from our fandom since majority of Onces are still in school despite all that it was a success. As most of the Onces are scattered across the country, it wasn’t convenient for them to travel and collectively donate to the NGO. So we recommended them to donate atleast ₹50 to the relief fund.”


This is a beautiful testimony of how every penny counts and that it takes only one person to make a difference!

Another aspect we wanted to highlight is the growth of girl groups in India which is another thing we don’t see quite often:

“Regarding Onces, about 50% of them who join the community are new to K-pop and know very few groups like BTS, Blackpink and TWICE. But as our WhatsApp group is active 24/7 with lively discussions about TWICE and K-pop in general, they’re getting to know more about the members and how the K-pop world actually works.
The other 50% are the multistans who have been stanning various K-pop groups for a good long time and have known TWICE since their appearance on the surival show “Sixteen”. Fun thing about multis is they introduce other groups to solo group stans and that just increases the K-pop community as a whole.

Also our Instagram stats show about 85% of our followers are Indians and as for Twitter, we became the first girl group fan account in India to reach 1k followers which we feel is a great achievement in itself 🥳

Regarding other girl groups, can you believe we have 9 active WhatsApp groups for various fandoms out of which TWICE, BLACKPINK, LOONA and MAMAMOO enjoy the support of a good number of kpoppers?
And SONEs (Fandom of Girls’ Generation) being the classic fandom for being in the K-world for long time.”



Any future plans that we all can anticipate?
TI ADMIN: As of now we are in plans for a Once fan gathering in Pune in the month of July as Maharashtra has a good amount of Onces to start this event with. So I guess that’s it for now for us to share about us. But as our Teudoongies (Twice’s nickname) say, “It aint over, until it’s over”.
We are just going to grow from here on and with this project we just wanted to increase the level of fan projects happening across the fanbases 🙂


Image credit to owner.

Let’s hope that with growing efforts of fans we can soon see girl group tours like TWICE in India!