It is time to come back to J-Pop tunes as TWICE has made a glorious return in Japan after six months. Their new EP ‘Kura Kura‘ is a short, charming ensemble of two songs –Kura Kura and ‘Strawberry Moon‘, released on 12th May (JST). Although the official comeback was on 20th April when the title track was released as a single along with its music video.

Needless to say, since then the group has broken many records on major Japanese charts and continues to do so with the release of the EP. The EP has taken 8 #1 positions on iTunes globally (at the time of writing), in countries like – Chile, Taiwan, UAE, along India! The EP peaked at #1 on iTunes India Album Charts within 24-hours of its release. It’s the group’s first #1 on Indian Charts with a Japanese release. Indian ONCEs are hence totally over the moon and are celebrating this joyful charting on social media upon hearing the news!

TWICE Kura Kura


Kura Kura

In a very TWICE fashion, ‘Kura Kura’ mingles the Retro, Disco Pop with a bubbly, Electro surge which possesses an appealing refrain. It’s a saccharine dance number, a melody that has matured from the cutesy intrigue of the group. Jeongyeon joins the entirety after her six months hiatus and the nine alluring girls sing of the dizzy, lovesick feelings where they lose their senses to the one they are infatuated with. They paint a very aesthetic, almost psychedelic scenario encapturing the flowery and sparkling vibe of the song.

On the other side, ‘Strawberry Moon’ borders between Electro Swing and Deep House with a low rhythm. It seems a conflicting pair to the title track as the lyrics tell about the vulnerable love, wishing for it to come true.


ONCEs all over the world are pleased with the achievements of this Japanese EP and this energy must fuel them to prepare for the upcoming Korean comeback, ‘Taste Of Love‘ coming out on 9th and 11th June. It’s also very rapturous to see Indian TWICE fanbases succeeding in their goals and endeavors to build an even stronger ONCE fanbase in India. We can’t wait to fall deeper for the beguiling charms of our girls.

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