The award-winning Dongdaemun Design Plaza is situated in the heart of Seoul. Known for its Neo-Futuristic Architecture, making it a hub for Instagrammable posts and quintessential Korean fashion, the Plaza saw a new installation this month. 

The installation in question, is a banner all the way across the ocean from India, made possible by @twicefandomindia a page representing the Indian fans of the South Korean girl group “Twice”.  

Be it trending the comeback nationwide at #1, or amassing funds for predominant social issues, Indian ONCEs are making their presence felt globally through their persistent efforts.


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The journey to Dongdaemun Plaza has been quite the commendable one. On the event of the JYP’s 9-member girl group’s 5th anniversary and the impending comeback, @twicefandomindia hosted a pensive fan project to raise funds for menstrual hygiene facilities for underprivileged Indian adolescents.

The fundraiser offered multiple methods of donating; one of the options was to buy a Twice album through the ‘ktown4u”  discount link on their fundraiser page. In an unprecedented endeavour, over 1000 albums were bought through this link both nationally and internationally. This contributed immensely to Ktown4u’s promotional sales, which resulted in the store putting up the dedicated banner. 


We spoke to @twicefandomindia on this arduous journey from India to Seoul:

“Once we started with our collaboration with ktown4u they provided us with targets to grab those perks of fanbase promotion in ktown4u’s physical store and with approaching comeback of “EYES WIDE OPEN”, we managed to get 1K album sales from TwiceIndia and Ktown4u event not only nationally but internationally too, and they really appreciated and anticipated us to hit 10K album sales by next year, and we hope we’d be able to hit 10K album sales soon.”


Well done Indian ONCEs! The Indian Hallyu community is not only proud of this cross border achievement, but also of your persistent and collaborative contributions towards the betterment of the Indian society!

The Indian K-Pop community continues to make the world a better place under the banner of admiration for music and their artists!

What are your thoughts on this Indian Hallyu journey to Seoul? Let us know below!