India ranks high on K-Pop Twitter

On the 22nd of September, @TwitterKorea posted a tweet announcing that it has been 10 years since K-Pop Radar has been in partnership with #KpopTwitter. They also released this year’s world map data where we can check out the history and growth of K-Pop on Twitter.

The statistics proudly stated that over the past year there have been more than 6.1 billion tweets posted about K-Pop on Twitter.

Along with that enormous figure, they also attached a timeline graph with what the top 3 most trending K-Pop groups on the social media platform have been each year in the last 10 years.


1st Super Junior
2nd Girls’ Generation
3rd Big Bang

1st Big Bang
2nd Super Junior
3rd Girls’ Generation

1st PSY
2nd Big Bang
3rd Super Junior

1st EXO
2nd Girls’ Generation
3rd GOT7

1st GOT7
2nd EXO
3rd BTS

1st BTS
2nd GOT7
3rd Seventeen

1st BTS
2nd GOT7
3rd Seventeen

1st EXO
2nd BTS
3rd GOT7

1st BTS
2nd EXO
3rd GOT7
4th Wanna One

1st BTS
2nd EXO
3rd GOT7
4th Blackpink
5th NCT 127


As well as the breakdown of the last 10 years in K-Pop, they included a list of the top 10 most mentioned K-Pop artists in the world.

1st BTS
2nd EXO
3rd GOT7
4th Blackpink
5th NCT 127
6th Monsta X
7th Seventeen
8th NCT Dream
9th Twice
10th Stray Kids


In addition to that, even the 10 most mentioned songs were listed.

1st Obsessions- EXO
2nd On- BTS
3rd Boy With Luv- BTS
4th Black Swan- BTS
5th Shadow- BTS
6th Jopping- Super M
7th DNA- BTS
8th Not By The Moon- GOT7
9th How You Like That- Blackpink
10th Feel Special- Twice


Furthermore, there was the ranking of the ‘Rising Artist Top 10‘ which consisted of the groups that showed the fastest growth worldwide

1st Stray Kids
2nd Ateez
3rd TXT
4th IZ*ONE
5th Super M
6th AB6IX
7th WayV
8th CIX
9th Loona
10th Itzy


Proving that K-Pop is a huge worldwide sensation, Twitter Korea even wrote out which the top 20 most active countries are on K-Pop stan Twitter (both based on unique users / based on Tweet volume)
1. The United States / Thailand
2. Japan / Korea
3. Korea / Indonesia
4. Indonesia / The Philippines
5. The Philippines / The United States
6. Thailand / Brazil
7. Brazil / Malaysia
8. Malaysia /Japan
9. Mexico / Mexico
10. Argentina / Argentina
11. India / India
12. Turkey / Vietnam
13. Spain / Singapore
14. The United Kingdom / Peru
15. Canada / Chile
16. France / The United Kingdom
17. Saudi Arabia / France
18. Chile / Canada
19. Vietnam / Turkey
20. Russia / Taiwan


As Indian fans, we should be very proud to have ranked 11th in both of the above categories. Along with that, the statistics even say that the most tweeted about artists in our country are BTS, EXO, TWICE, TXT, GOT7, Blackpink, Seventeen, Ateez, Mamamoo and NCT 127.


It’s such a proud feeling when India gets mentioned in such lists right? Let’s hope that the size of our fanbase is acknowledged in the future as well and let’s also work harder to get into the top 10!