TXT 'The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE'

K-Pop group, TOMORROW X TOGETHER or popularly known as TXT, showed their grown side as they released their second full albumThe Chaos Chapter: FREEZE on 31st May 2021. Composed of eight tracks, the album also has approval from BTS’ RM who penned the lyrics to the title track 0x1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You). To say the least, anticipation for the album went beyond the roof with amazing teasers that sought connections with the British series The End Of The F**king World, hinting that the album would delineate aspects of teenage life.

Indian MOAs (TXT’s fans) should be extremely proud as the album peaked at #1 on Indian iTunes Album Charts and the title track0x1=LOVESONG’ took #1 on Indian iTunes Songs Charts – a double win for desi fans!

TXT 'The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE'

The Chaos Chapter FREEZE

All the other seven tracks from the album also entered the iTunes India Songs chart – ‘Anti-Romantic‘ on #12, ‘Ice Cream’ on #35, ‘Magic’ on #35, ‘Frost’ on #74, ‘Dear Sputnik’ on #75, ‘No Rules’ on #76, and ‘What If I Had Been That PUMA‘ on #77. Moreover, the album took first place in 46 regions, including UK, Spain, and Denmark, and the lead track took #1 in 36 regions like Peru, Laos, and Kenya (at the time of writing). The album as a whole also grabbed the #1 spot on Worldwide iTunes Album Chart!


The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE

Continuing where TXT left off after the ‘Dream Chapter‘ series, ‘The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE’ takes us through the group’s journey as they enter the turbulent phase of life which leads them to adulthood. The road to maturity isn’t just a bed of roses, there are thorns all around and when you meet someone you love, those thorns don’t hold much. It seems like the overall theme, hidden beneath the lively production. The group holds this album to heart as they participated in various creative processes like Heuning Kai produced ‘Dear Sputnik’ and Soobin co-wrote ‘Ice Cream’.

0x1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)

‘0x1=LOVESONG’ is not your usual TXT title track, and this is what makes the track more appealing. Being one of the most diverse groups of 4th generation idols in terms of playing with different genres, TXT have broadened their musical spectrum even more. Joining this Pop Rock anthem is R&B soloist Seori whose wintry vocal harmony with Beomgyu and Yeonjun is tremendously ravishing. Gone are the days of trancing melodies for this track focuses more on the grungy immense percussion with a dramatic, earworm chorus. Even the lyricism is rhapsodic – ‘o’ referring to the boys and ‘1’ denoting the person who alleviates their struggles bringing in the romantic synergy.

“The on1y rule of this world, Save me, Take my hand, Please use me like a drug (I know I love you) // Say you love me, Till the end of the world, All or nothing, I want all of you”

The music video also features a quote from Kang Yoo-Jeong’s ‘An Excellent Metaphor For A Hole In Life, Manhole’ that talks about traumatic life experiences using the example of a hole, fitting to the grunge backdrop of the song.


Here’s to TXT’s wonderful growth as 4th generation rookies who have successfully flourished their capabilities as artists. The amount of love shown from all over the world, including India, is warming to see as they open up to more concepts. We hope this release will expand their fanbase in India simultaneously with their horizons!


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