TXT pH-1 Woodie Gochild

TXT Brings MOAs another surpise following their hit comeback album, ‘The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE’ which had charted #1 on iTunes Worldwide Album Chart. Taking H1GHR MUSIC’s trapper, pH-1 and trendy rapper, Woodie Gochild in the loop, TXT released a new remix version of their track, ‘0X1 = LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)’ featuring Seori on 25th June 2021.


Dropping a teaser that showed the hyped up members of the 4th Generation’s “It Group” video-calling and introducing the featuring artist trio, TXT couldn’t have gotten MOAs anymore excited to listen to the enhanced version of the song! The original track had charted #1 on iTunes in 39 countries including India, due to the MOAs devoted support and now, they are all geared up to make the Remix version top various music charts once again, with MOAs in Latvia already managing to chart the track at #1 on iTunes. Indian MOAs are showing their determination already by trending various hashtags on Twitter like, ‘0X1LOVESONG REMIX OUT NOW’#0X1LOVESONG_REMIX’, ‘Harley Quinn’ and #TXT_FREEZE’. The song has also peaked at #18 on iTunes India Song Chart for now (at the time of writing).


About TXT’s Remix With pH-1, Woodie Gochild And Seori

“Say you love me, say you love me / To the end of the world / All or nothing, I want all of you / I know I love you.”

The new version of the track that blends the difference between K-Pop and K-Hiphop, brings to the listeners a totally unique and addictive flavour than the original pop-rock song. This remix hinges majority of its appeal to the accompanying acoustic guitar strumming which gives it a band-anthem-like feel. The first verse introduces us to pH-1’s idea of an ardent love story which sets the stage for the upcoming passionate chorus by TXT members and Seori.

Woodie Gochild‘s rap style which always carries a surprise element also doesn’t disappoint and shows an expert eargasmic merging of singing and rapping as he vocalises his own idea of love. With such an explicit composition born out of a K-HipHop X K-Pop’ collaboration, we can be sure that many more such remixes are sure to follow TXT’s version with pH-1, Woodie Gochild and Seori.


What did you think of this collaboration of TXT with pH-1, Woodie Gochild And Seori? Are you eager to listen to more such ‘K-HipHop X K-Pop’ tracks in the future? Spill your thoughts in the comments.