TXT is one of the most promising 4th generation K-Pop groups. Not only do their music videos look aesthetic, their songs have a deeper meaning too. Since their debut, the group hasn’t shied away from speaking about mental health, loving oneself, etc.

They had a comeback on 26th October with Minisode1: Blue Hour. The EP had created a wave of intrigue and excitement even before its release. This EP is their second music release of 2020. The first music release was The Dream Chapter: Eternity which serves as a follow-up Dream Chapter: Magic (2019). It was released earlier this year in May.



With Minisode1: Blue Hour, TXT is foraying into a new storyline. Written during the COVID019 pandemic period, the album narrates the story of a teenager who has faced changes in his life. The five characteristics – hopefulness, loneliness, unfamiliarity, desperation and empathy are seen in the songwriting.


Since, the album is about facing changes in life, feeling desperate and hopefulness, the album was bound to strike a chord with its listeners. The songs began charting to top ranks in several countries right after the EP released. In India, especially, the album ranked to #1 on iTunes and the songs appeared in the Top 20.



As soon as the MV released, MOAs took to Twitter to express their love for the album. This resulted in the hashtag trending for quite some time on Twitter India. An Indian MOA, Thanushree also got to share a message with TXT during their comeback show. TXT is the latest 4th generation group to join the ranks of Stray Kids, Ateez when it comes to trending in India.



My current pick from the album is ‘Ghosting’. Which is yours?

Written by

Nandini Iyengar

An aspiring translator and a writer!