One of the best parts about being a K-Pop stan is getting to listen to the vast variety of music multiple idols have to offer. Whether it’s enjoying the old but gold tracks or jamming to the latest tunes, they always leave our ears feeling blessed. Of course, like any genre, there are some amazing groups and songs that go unheard and slip under the carpet without getting the recognition they deserve. So, here’s a playlist of 15 underrated K-Pop songs which can bring some colour to your monsoon.

#1 No Air- THE BOYZ

With a catchy tune and lyrics co-written by one of the members themselves, No Air has been at the top of my playlist ever since I heard it. The Boyz portray treasuring love and only having eyes for their significant other with their heavenly vocals and rap.

#2 Magnolia- TOO

The talented rookies TOO made their debut just over 2 months ago with their album Reason For Being: Benevolence and the title track Magnolia. It is a dance song that expresses how they are searching for utopia using the magnolia.

#3 Twilight- ONEUS

Their first comeback after debuting a few months ago, ONEUS dropped Twilight which was nothing short of a bop. It has a catchy tune mixed with lyrics about being in denial about their lover leaving them but believing they will come back.

#4 I Wait- DAY6

Being a band, DAY6 highlighted their instruments and vocal abilities perfectly throughout I Wait. The song is a perfect blend of pop and rock about being tied to a past lover and not being able to move on. It also has an Eng + Jap version.

#5 Breathe- AB6IX

The group with former Wanna One and MXM members helped to write and compose their debut song Breathe. The track has relatable lyrics about letting music, drinks and friends drown out all your negative feelings and taking you to paradise.

#6 Rumor- PRODUCE 48 (H.I.N.P)

Performed in the competition by the Produce 48 contestants (which formed IZ*ONE), Rumor has a beat and choreography that you can’t resist dancing to. The song tells the story of a woman being blinded by love towards a toxic person.

#7 Still- DKB

DKB debuted earlier this year and came back a few weeks ago with their album Love and title track Still. The overall chill vibe is paired with lyrics of a man who is deeply in love with a woman who he mistreated and let go, missing her and wishing she would come back.

#8 My Flower- JBJ

JBJ (Just Be Joyful) is a fan project group of contestants who participated in Produce 101 season 2 but didn’t make the final 11. My Flower has an addictive tune and lyrics about a boy who has started developing feelings for one of his female friends.

#9 Wannabe- GOLDEN CHILD

Golden Child got their first music show win with this song and it was well deserved. It has a catchy EDM element with words that display being a fool for someone and feeling dejected and lost in the darkness without their presence and love.

#10 Give You Up- UNVS

The fact that this song is so underrated is sad because it is one of the sweetest songs I’ve ever heard. The lyrics are about a man missing his former love who he can’t get over and he wants to run to, accompanied by a warm melody and great vocals.

#11 Savage- A.C.E

The people who follow A.C.E’s music know they are the kings of heavy hardcore EDM and powerful choreographies, and Savage is no less than just that. The words depict having no time to look back or be nervous, just staying savage throughout everything.

#12 Crazy Sexy Cool- ASTRO

Although Astro just made a big bang recently with Knock, most people don’t know about their older songs such as Crazy Sexy Cool. This song has sweet vocals with lyrics of being attracted to someone who has lots of traits and is easy to love.

#13 Want You To Say- PLAYBACK

Although nobody heard of Playback as a group after this and it’s assumed they disbanded, this song will always be amazing. It’s about a boy giving mixed signals to someone who has feelings for him too, shown by the girls sweet vocals.

#14 Party Like This- GIDONGDAE

Although Gidongdae hasn’t even debuted yet, they just released their predebut track Party Like This a few days ago which is a bop. It has a colourful and lively MV with words that assure you you’re not alone and an overall summery cool vibe.

#15 Face- NU’EST

Last but not the least is NU’EST’s debut song Face. Now this song released in early 2012 but it’s a fantastic debut song. With meaningful lyrics about being bullied and a tune you could jam to for hours, it should be way more appreciated!!

I hope these songs help cure your lockdown boredom, even just for a while! Let’s all take care of ourselves and stay safe throughout this pandemic!!