Desi Hallyu Fandoms are some of the most innovative and enthusiastic fandoms when it comes to commemorating their beloved idols’ birthdays. Their initiative gives Indian fans interactive platforms to come as one to celebrate idols and their achievements. 

In this article, we bring you some unique birthday fan projects hosted by the Indian K-Pop fanbases.

Seventeen’s Joshua – Animal Adoption

To celebrate the upcoming 25th birthday of the group’s vocal, @7teencaratsindiaofficial have come up with a unique and thoughtful project. The fans are planning to raise funds to officially adopt a deer in Mysuru Zoo under Joshua’s name. To support them or know more about this, click here.


Enhypen’s Jake- Pet Selca Day

Although the group is relatively new and yet to have an official debut, the boys have garnered quite the fanbase since I-LAND. Indian ENGENES are going headstrong. For Jake, the group’s multitalented rapper, vocalist, dancer and an avid dog lover, @enhypen_mumbai  has the perfect birthday project for fans to enjoy. 

The response was average as of now as the Engene’s are still opening up. However, we are looking forward to more project and activities which can help the Engenes to open up and have fun.” says the fanpage

The idol is particularly fond of his pet Leila, thus, all fans are encouraged to send selfies of themselves with their pets for an exciting project to be revealed on his birthday.



BtoB’s Minhyuk- Photo Collage

What’s a birthday without a cake? Indian Melodies celebrated Lee Minhyuk’s entry into his 30s by creating a candlelit cake cutting ceremony. Two of the melodies centred a beautifully decked cake within candles and photos aligned in the shape of a large heart.

NCT’s Shotaro and Chenle – Tree Plantation Drive and Girls Orphanage Donation

NCTzens held two very different yet equally touching drives for rapper Shotaro and singer Chenle’s birthdays which fell on the 25th and 22nd of November respectively. The Manipur wing of NCTzens donated goodies bought with the money they raised to an all-girls orphanage.

In a thoughtful project titled, “Tree Of Smiles”, @nctzen_india planted 66 trees for their idols’ birthdays. They explain the thought process behind 66 trees as follows –

“Why 66? We wanted to do something meaningful which signifies Chenle and Shotaro but also NCT, so we decided to add 23(NCT), 4(units), 19(Lele’s age), and 20(Taro’s age) which totals to 66. We all know how lovely and beautiful our cheerful boys are, their smiles literally brighten up every czennies’ heart hence our donation project name.”

Seventeen’s Woozi – Selca Day and Fan Letters

The vocalist and producer of the group turned 24 on the 22nd of November, and carats from Nagaland jovially celebrated this milestone by posting selcas of recreating their favourite Woozi pictures and also wrote heartwarming fan letters to him.

Speaking about this event, the fan page told us:

“We organize this Fan letter and Selca Just as a token of love for our boys. And to show how much we love and support him and their hard work. And how much they mean to us carats.The events organised by us might be unknown to our idols but these events are held to showcase the power of our Fandom, the love and support for our idols our HOME. There is a saying by one Carat “We are not a fandom, but a family”

Find the cute fan selfies and the letters below.

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