KPOP High India was invited for Delhi show coverage by the gracious host Kiwa whom we would like to thank and congratulate for bringing VAV in India and completing successful shows in both cities, Delhi and Imphal.

After much buzz finally, the popular South Korean boy group that has made waves overseas landed in India followed by their press conference the next day. 31st May started with a fanmeet, excited fans lined up to see their favourite stars, the energy in the room was so bright and contagious. One could not help but smile seeing the gleam in the eyes of both VAV and VAMPz!



Despite some technical errors the show started with a bang, filling the auditorium with instant euphoria. Fans roared so loudly that they overpowered the music itself, you had to be in the room to feel the energy. VAV had so many surprises up their sleeves. From fan-services that included sexy dancing, serenade, selfies etc. to their spontaneous break out into singing the popular Hindi ballad Pehla Nasha. If i had to sum it up in one word, i’d say it was Magical!



That’s our review on the performance, but we would like to point out to the management company Hyped that the show production was poor and equivalent to, not there. I mean the LED screen was atop a what seemed to be a table and the table covered with a masking cloth, as someone who has been working in the event industry for 5 years now the arrangement was horrifying.

The young volunteers on the other hand were a relief, they did an amazing job and i wouldn’t be exaggerating if i said the VAV concert in Delhi was possible because of them!

The show got a mixed response from the fans that attended and this time we’ve got reviews straight from them. (The names have been changed to protect their identity)

A – “The concert in Delhi was so so amazing. Their energy really blew my mind. There was a point where I was speechless, I just stared at them in awe wondering how are they dancing with full energy, jumping around for a whole 2 hours and yet sing live so perfectly? They were amazing, they made the crowd feel alive in those 2 hours like never before. The fanmeeting went on real quick, I expected to get atleast 30 seconds with each member but unfortunately it was all very rushed. In all, the event included a lot of waiting, crying tears of joy, screaming our hearts out, dancing on our seats, singing out loud & more waiting. The management could have been a lot better, for both the artist and the fans who attended, because it caused disappointment especially when we saw how smoothly the Imphal one went. But at the end of the day, the artist matter more to us & I’m very happy we had this experience.”

B“I am sorry my statement might come out as harsh but though being a super Vamp since their debut i was disappointed! Don’t get me wrong i was so happy to meet them and see them and i do realise how lucky i am but that does not take away from the fact that it was a shit show, i don’t know whose fault was it, was it because of the bad setup, show starting late i don’t know but i didn’t feel it i know VAV can do better and as a fan i feel cheated regardless of their issues they should have given their all but sadly it was rushed some members were in bad mood it was quite obvious.”

C“I heard they were’nt treated well in delhi by the management, ommo i want to cry i love them so much they deserve better.”

D – “It was an amazing experience. It was my first fanmeet and I was happy to see how nicely they meet with every fan. They thanked us for coming and asked us to enjoy the concert. They gave amazing performances back to back and kept interacting with fans continuously. I love their stamina and enthusiasm ❤. I want them to come India again. VAV sarangheyo ❤❤”


We would once again like to thank Kiwa for having us there and the volunteers for being the best, we can not wait to see what other projects you have in store. For exclusive pictures of VAV, click here.