VERIVERY is here, and they’ve made their musical arrival in 2021 with no less than a bang. On 2nd March 2021, they made their single album comeback with ‘SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 1: HALL]‘, extending the tale of ‘FACE it‘ series but with the darker side ‘SERIES O’. The album is built up with three songs with ‘Get Away‘ as the title track, ‘Numbness‘, and ‘Thank You, NEXT?‘ being only available physically. They have finally come out of their ‘rookie’ shell and have shown their potential as mainstream artists.

Achieving great numbers in streams and likes on YouTube, the song also made into various worldwide charts, but the most astonishing feat is the #1 on Indian iTunes Songs Chart scored by ‘Get Away‘! This calls for a celebration of Indian VERRERs (VERIVERY’s fandom). We should be immensely proud for being the second country where the song reached #1. It’s also very elating to see our country appreciating one of the underrated but very deserving groups.

Get Away

As VERIVERY themselves said, the album aims to unveil a new, mature side of them. ‘Get Away’ is their take at reggae-pop, clouded in mystery, luring you in. The melody is set on percussion, vocals as powerful as ever. The lyrics as just as enigmatic, talking about a love so addicting, and poisonous, enough to kill you so you need to ‘get away’. Though Minchan is not participating in this comeback, the septet still goes strong as the music video has his traces embedded within. It’s a capturing and aesthetic pair off to the song, the members can be seen in eerie yet captivating situations.

We cannot wait to see what VERIVERY has for us in the future! They are on their way to strengthen their place in your hearts, and we are already seeing more people turning into VERRERs with every comeback. It’s delighting to see Indian VERRERS working harder and it’s paying off well. Maybe we can also score a spot on their next tour list!


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