After visiting one location from a music video last week, I thought, why not take it a notch further, and visit a few popular spots featured in K-Pop Music Videos over the years?

For Day one, we shall be visiting three places which have been featured several times in music videos over the years. With a start at an amusement park to a leisurely stroll at the beach, what I have here is a handpicked itinerary for K-Pop MV themed travel!

For Day one of our journey, let’s start with some fun ride (and photoshoots) at Yongma Land (용마랜드)

Yongma Land. Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The amusement park was built in 1983 but sadly it was shut down in 2011. This abandoned park has featured in various music vidoes over the years. EXO’s individual teasers for ‘Love Me Right’ were filmed here. The park has served as a backdrop for music videos like TWICE’s Like Ooh Aah, Crayon Pop’s Bar Bar Bar, EXO Xiumin’s A Glass of Soju, BAP’s 1004, to name a few.

EXO Chen in ‘Love Me Right’ teaser photo. Credits to Sm Entertainment.

Here are some more images of Yongma Land!

Yongma Land entrance. Credits: wikipedia


credits: Altas Obscura


Next stop is the Gyeonggi English Village (경기영어마을)

Gyeonggi English Village is a European style village in Gyeonggi-do. The village was set up to teach the Korean students about English language and culture. The village served as an immersive experience for students who want to learn English and experience a slice of English culture for themselves! EXO’s Miracles in December, Super Junior’s Magic, K.Will’s Day 1 feature this quaint little village.

Super Junior “Magic”. Credits : Pinterest

Visit the quaint English Village of South Korea here!



For the last location on the list, let’s relax with a cool stroll to the beach.

The beach was featured in Spring Day by BTS. ARMY must have guessed it by now!

BTS at Jumunjin beach. Credits:Pinterest

The location is the Jumunjin Beach (주문진해변) which also serves as an album cover for BTS’ repackage album You Never Walk Alone. The bus stop featured in the music video and the beach have since become huge tourist attractions. The beach was also seen in the 2017 hit fantasy drama Goblin starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun.

Jumunjin Beach. Credits: Pinterest

Have a look at how the beach looks like in real life!


We’ve visited an amusement park (yes, an abandoned one but with an interesting history!), then we visited the one and only English Village in South Korea and we ended the day with a nice stroll on Juminjin beach. So, for our day 2, i have included locations which will appeal to the book lovers and party goers alike!

I am sure this next location will surely appeal to all the bibliophiles!

We all have heard PSY’s Gangnam Style and imitated the signature move many, many times. Another catchy song by PSY is Gentleman. The vibrant music video by PSY features the Seoul Metropolitan Library. The library was also featured in an episode of popular reality TV show Running Man. The library was built in 1926 and houses over 70,000 books! The library is definitely a book lover’s paradise! Just look at the collection of books! *lost in imagination surrounded by books*

Watch the video for yourself and experience the amazing library!

Seoul Metropolitan Library. Credits: Pinterest

Weekend is almost here, so why not feature a chic dance club as well? Get your party shoes on because we are gonna dance the night away! (see what i did there? ;] )

I am talking about Club Mass which was featured in Unnies’ music video titled Shut Up. The group consisted of Hong Jin Gyeong, Ra Miran, Min Hyorin, Jessie, and Tiffany. The group was formed as a part of the reality tv program ‘Unnies Slam Dunk’. B1A4’s Baby and the hip hop reality show Show Me the Money were also filmed at this hip nightclub in Gangnam.

Club Mass, Gangnam, South Korea. Credits: Club in Korea

Which are some of your favourites? Which other locations are your favourite? Share them in the comments!

Written by

Nandini Iyengar

An aspiring translator and a writer!