Viviz debut Beam Of Prism

GFriend fans can finally rejoice because three of their members have finally re-debuted as Viviz. Fans were first disheartened after the iconic third-gen girl group disbanded. However, the members have been expanding their solo careers and forming sub-units. We had members Umji, SinB, and Eunha forming BPM’s first girl group Viviz. And while we got a hitch as all three members tested positive for Covid-19, they have recovered and are on track for their debut with ‘Beam of Prism’.

Viviz released ‘Beam of Prism’, their 1st mini-album, and its title track ‘Bop Bop’ on February 9. The 7-track EP immediately trended on Twitter and MelOn. And fans showed their support by helping Viviz’s debut album enter several charts like MelOn and Genie while ‘Bop Bop’ debuted at #1 on Bugs. The other tracks also entered the top 10 of Bugs. The album has also already topped iTunes Album Chart in 8 distinct regions worldwide, like Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Chile, etc.


VIVIZ – Beam of Prism

Viviz chronicles their journey from their members’ time in GFriend to their fresh start in K-pop as a trio. The title track ‘Bop Bop’ is a fun dance-pop song with a disco beat and Latin-infused arrangement. The music video was dreamy and full of girl-crush elements, as well as sultry to prove that they can pull off any concept. Viviz hopes to provide ‘bops’ to fans as they show a new side to them. The girl group is also experimenting with other genres as the b-side ‘Love You Like’ is a somber R&B song for the fans who waited for them while ‘Fiesta’ is a retro-pop song with ‘Lemonade’ being an emotional ballad.


Were you a GFriend fan before Viviz debuted? Did you like their debut album? Which track was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.
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