WayV's Kun

18th of May, 2021 was a consequential day for the Indian WayZenNis as one of their very own got a felicitous chance to interact with one of the members of their favorite group, WayV. On this day, SMTown in collaboration with Yes24 hosted its Online Video Call Event for WayV. In this, each member of WayV was to choose 30 lucky fans, with whom they would have a 1:1 interaction on Kakao facetime and also gift them their signed albums. Luckily, a fan from India got a jammy chance to have a heartwarming one-on-one interaction with the leader of the group, WayV’s Kun.

WayV's Video Call Event
Official poster of Video Call Event


This Indian WayZenNi, with the utmost excitement, took to Twitter to share her sweet interaction with  ‘Kun Kun’ as he is endearingly called by the fans. She shared how she conveyed to him that, “There are a lot of people in India who really love WayV and you”, to which Kun had happily smiled as a response. She had even made sure to tell him how much she adored and admired him as a producer, singer, and leader of WayV.


She continued further to ask him about the genre of music he likes, to which he had replied (in Korean), “Earlier I liked ballads but these days I’m diligently making bass titles”. This is a bit of information that many fans alongside her were delighted to get to know.

However, the MVP moment of this interaction for which every Indian WayV fan had been waiting eagerly for was to see Kun speaking in Hindi. The leader in a honeyed and cute way said “Tum bahut payaare ho” (You are very cute/lovely.) to the lucky Indian WayZenNi!

This China-based unit of NCT has always been taking the K-Pop industry by storm since its debut in 2019 and have made its comeback this year with their latest mini-album Kick-Back. The interesting thing about the group that makes the fans go gaga over them, is that no matter what genre of music they do, it sounds good and suits them. In addition to this, the recent bit of exciting interaction between WayV and the Indian WayZenNi, and of Kun speaking Hindi, has just made WayV’s place in their Indian fans’ hearts even more special!


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