The gang that killed it with their synchronization, the winners of the K-Pop Contest India 2018, Dance Category *drrrrum rollssss* We Are Family Crew!

We got to sit with them and learn a few things; Did you know they have represented India in the Hip-Hop International Dance Offs placing 4th globally?! 😍

Well here’s an #Exclusive one to one with the cool gang, trust me they’re gonna inspire the hell out of you, (idk if that made sense) but the their words will!:

KHigh: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

WAF Crew: We are, We Are Family Crew!

We are 11 members, age between 17-23 years old and each of us is either a college student or a freelancer. We formed this 11 member crew to participate in K-Pop this year (because of the rules), as earlier it was 5-7 Members in the crew. Our crew leader is Ashish and is also a member of the crew. (Names of all members: ASHISH, AJAY, VILAS, NITISH, VANI, ANKIT, AMRIT, VISHAL, SUDERSHAN, KARAN, JAIDEEP)


KHigh: How has the process of preparations been for the K-Pop contest 2018?

WAF CrewIt was a bit difficult for us initially because at the time of preliminary rounds a few members were travelling for an another competition, we only had 2-3 days in hand, we sorted out the song and practiced it straight 2 days. We used to have our rehearsal at night 10-3am straight, because few of us have had colleges and some are working and not forgetting it was hard covering Wanna One’s Choreography.


KHigh: How long did it take to perfect the choreography?

WAF CrewWhen we were selected for semi finals, we had plenty of time to practice, so we focused on what mistakes we made and practiced it. Also we are more Kpop now so we looked after the style and Kpop vibe too.


KHigh: How does it feel to finally win the 1st place?

WAF CrewWe have been following Kpop since 2014. We participated back in 2015 but didn’t clear the Delhi Regional round. Then we participated in 2017, we won Delhi Regional round, it was so unexpected that when 2nd prize was on announcement, we were packing our bags and were leaving, none of us expected that. But we were left disappointed with 5th prize in Grand Finale. Everyone was sad. BUT finally in 2018 we won the GRAND FINALE, we still can’t believe that we won, we can’t explain the feeling of joy and happiness, we gave a lot of sweat for this, it was our dream, and more importantly its our dream to perform in 2018 Changwon Kpop World Festival, Hwaiting!




KHigh: What are you most excited about your visit to South Korea?

WAF Crew:We love K-Pop and Korean Culture, we are very excited to see the tradition and their heritage, we are also looking forward to see the idols on stage, it would be dream come true.


KHigh: In the end any message for the Indian K-Pop fans?

WAF Crew:  K-Pop in India is growing massively. But we should learn that Kpop is not only BTS etc, its huge. We wanna show that India has Wanna One fans as we are covering their song called Energetic.


We wish them all the luck, keep making India proud you guys! You can follow them on Social Media- Instagram, Twitter and Facebook : @WeAreFamilyCrew and ending this piece with a bangin’ Seventeen + GOT7 cover by the crew, check it out!