Hear Up webtoon enthusiasts, SG Entertainment has a staggering bulletin to make, specially for YOU!!!

SG Entertainment launched its very own webtoonKpop Company Insider“. The webtoon is made available on August 12 via Patreon, the succeeding episodes will be made available from August 19 on weekly basis on Naver Webtoon.

The webtoon “Kpop Company Insider” is a fictional tale which pilots essence of K-Pop, stories of staff within the industry, surviving the western market, and staying in the industry. The story is written by SG’s Art Director Quiandez “Gyu” McAfee. The physical and digital copies of the webtoon will be made available on Amazon for ownership, and the OSTs will be made available for downloads on online music platforms.

The Webtoon is said to be released in Korean, English, Spanish, and French. SG Entertainment The tale narrates the story about the future girl group “Alpha Ray“. Apart from an intriguing tale, SG Entertainment announced to release Webtoon OSTs, drafts, interviews, podcasts to give its audience behind the scenes of the working of the label. One of the OST is said to feature a trainee under the label.

We are super excited to see how the story unfolds. Are you excited for the story? Share with us in the comments below. Until next time, Stay safe!

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