Latest K-Pop Songs

The fourth week of September was packed with amazing and most anticipated releases. From Woosung‘s 80’s inspired ‘Dimple’ to Yang Yo-Seop’s 1st full album ‘Chocolate’. ITZY made an amazing comeback with their full-length album CRAZY IN LOVE’! VICTON’s Hanse made his solo debut with ‘TAKE OVER’.  The most anticipated release since July was COLDPLAY X BTS My Universe also released this week.

Shall we dive deeper into each release from this week? Ready! Set and Let’s Go!


Latest K-Pop Songs:

WOOSUNG – ‘Dimples’

The singer, songwriter, rapper, and an outstanding vocalist, Kim Woo-Sung popularly known as Woosung from the band ‘The Rose’ launched his solo release ‘Dimples’. The track nudges the other side of love and attraction. The artist is drawn towards the dimples of his love interest, to an extent that he is losing control over himself and craves to be near her all the time.

The MV for ‘Dimple’ opens up to the artist riding a cab and heads somewhere, when he meets with an accident. After the accident, Woosung finds himself in different scenarios, but nothing brings him out of the thoughts of his love interest. This track marks the fourth digital single by Woosung, since the first solo ‘Wolf’ in 2019.

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YUKIKA – ‘Loving You’

If you are into smooth tracks, then ‘Loving You’ is a good fit to listen to. The track touches the city-pop genre with its smooth bass and Yukika’s lovely voice. Plunging deeper into the 80’s synth-driven sounds, the track is easy to listen to. With the magical swirls of instrumentals, soothing strings, and bass, the track gives a warm hug to the listener.

Yukika describes the desire to be more than just friends with the guy, she is in love with. With her budding desire to hold his hands, and confess her love, she still feels shy and hesitant to do so. The track gives butterfly to the listener with its innocent blooming love.

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Yang Yo Seop – ‘BRAIN’

The main vocalist of the boy band ‘Highlight’, Yang Yo-seop released his first-ever solo full-length album ‘Chocolate Box’. BRAIN has a little R&B-tinged vibe, the catchy beats and the sophisticated dance moves are easy to get hooked to.

The artist in the track opens up about the memories that are stuck inside his brain, though the memories are hurting him, he does not want to forget these memories. Caught up in between the bitter and sweet memories, BRAIN is a perfect match to the charismatic voice of Yang Yo-seop.

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Beauty Box – ‘RAT A TAT’

Beauty Box is a sextet group, who debuted on 23rd September 2021 with the album ‘ Beyond of BB‘.  The group debuted under BY-U Entertainment. The group consists of members from different countries making the group multinational. The leader of the group Gahyun is Korean, Sara is from Japan, Anh is from Vietnam, Jerin is from Thailand, Rina is from Japan, and Sori is from South Korea. The track ‘RAT A TAT‘ is catchy and has a refreshing vibe to it. According to the viewers the track ‘RAT A TAT’ is perfect for a debut song.

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Do Han Se – ‘TAKE OVER’

Victon‘s Hanse made his solo debut with the album ‘BLAZE‘ on his 24th birthday, making the debut much more special. ‘Take Over‘ serves as one of the title tracks along with ‘Public Enemy‘ for ‘BLAZE’. Dressed super hip, Hanse spits his raps dissing the haters to keep a watch now that he is back in the game. Though Hanse keeps our eyes hooked to his visuals and ears all attentive as he goes off, the chic look on him with the blonde hair.

‘My Level is over your head’ says Hanse to his haters who are busy hating him, while he is busy setting up new standards. Power-packed with visuals, and perfect heavy beats Hanse is already stealing hearts all over.

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The quintet dropped their first full-length album ‘CRAZY IN LOVE‘ since their debut. ITZY mentioned with this album they wanted to introduce a new theme for the group. ‘LOCO‘ showers the teen crush vibes throughout and coupled with the dance choreography is a cherry on top. The way the bustling youthful vocals of the members in the track is perfectly synchronized with the orchestral rhythm, is what ITZYfies us!

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COLDPLAY X BTS – ‘My Universe ‘

Musical barons COLDPLAY and BTS released their much-awaited collaborative track ‘My Universe‘ as a present to their fans. The track talks about how the love and admiration of the fans have created the artist. The track with both English and Korean lyrics proves music can transcend any barriers.

With the release, BTS marked their first collaboration with another band. An ode to hope, love, and wishing to unite soon with their fans, BTS and COLDPLAY are expressing their sincere desires for the fans. Chris Martin mentioned that there is no boundary that can keep love apart, let it be a physical boundary, race, or gender, love and music are neutral and music shares the same philosophy.

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