Kickstarting a new week with ear and soul pleasing songs, our second week was majorly dominated by relaxing and chill vibe tracks. This week served as a platter to our souls which included calming vocal fairy HOODY, a throwback the to late 70s’ retro disco vibes by dope artist CHANCELLOR featuring mood igniting vocals from GAEKO, queen of sass BiBi, prince of versatility GIRIBOY and many more! What are you waiting for, hop onto this week’s streaming guide!

Hoody – When the rain stops

Perfect for a rainy, when you just want to lie on your bed with a warm cup of coffee and relax. It has a calming feel that generally rain gives us. We can’t help but sit back and relax to this type of vibe. Her voice flowing so satisfactorily on top of this type of melody is just like a cherry on top of a black forest cake (yum!). She has this soothing voice that leaves us feeling the chills. It’s clear that this range is comfortable for her, as she puts us in a sweet mood. When she hits the high notes, we can’t help but stay amazed and stunned. She has done an incredible job in building the song and putting the right feeling to this song. Overall, it is such a chill song to relax to.

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Chancellor ft. Gaeko- Midnight

Midnight is incredibly smooth, a late 70s upbeat disco bop that finds its sticky groove and bound you along with the rhythm until the song has ended. The beat is so satisfying that Midnight never caves into monotony. Chancellor sounds great on the dramatic chorus; his through the ceiling vocals are as smooth as butter. The standout bridge harnesses a great sense of glide, teasing us toward the dance-along finish. Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko is a welcome presence during the second verse makes this an ideal soundtrack.

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BiBi – The Weekend

On October 14, the 23-year-old singer dropped a pulsating pop-R&B track ‘The Weekend’. Via her latest single, “The Weekend”, BiBi disposes of an unappreciative lover, and offers an anthem for anyone who’s suffered the same once in his lifetime: “Why, why, why aren’t you into me? she asks, and it feels like she’s speaking for all of us who’ve been dangled along. If you’ve had enough, or are just in the mood for a mood-setting vibe complete with an effortlessly stylish, throwback beat and instantly addictive chorus then this is the song for you!

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Meenoi- Salang Salang

Our cutie R&B singer Meenoi is back with her album in my room and released an MV for its title track Salang Salang on October 13. Overall MV had a cute and bright concept and Meenoi will make you awestruck by her adorable vampire attire. We can see a new side of her through this song as well as from this MV; a song with cheerful vibes will brighten your dull day.

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GIRIBOY- You turned around

GIRIBOY is back with his 9th regular album, ‘Avante’ and includes twenty tracks. Only seven tracks are available digitally and the rest are album exclusives. The title track ‘You Turned Around‘, turns this release around to make it groovy and chill with its tempo. The visuals for the music video are insanely good, the full concept and aesthetics are super dope.

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Jimmy Brown- Show me Love

Jimmy Brown is back with his new single show me love. This song maintains his trademark soft lo-fi grooves and beats and can bring you in a relaxed mode. Brown talks about his lover that no longer feels the same for him, he says “I’m waiting patiently for you, just love me the same. Show me, love baby”

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Kris Main – Zero Sugar

On October 16, singer-rapper released his single Zero sugar exclusively on YouTube. This will be his second single after his debut release Dior Dream, and there’s no doubt that this artist is immensely talented. Zero Sugar talks about being in love without love, the unrequited love of a person and all the pain and suffering that a person undergoes throughout this process. He released his MV on Warner Brothers’ Korea, Youtube channel, where we can see him roaming around city streets in search of his love. Mains’ agonizing vocals and striking city backdrop are the main highlights of the MV.

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Ha Dong Qn, one of South Korea’s leading vocalists, and singer-songwriter JUNNY, who is attracting attention as a rising star, have come together to present a velvety love song. ME.N.U is a two-fold expression of ‘ME & U’, and it is a love song about wanting to take the steps for a beautiful life together with the beloved ‘with you’. Ha Dong’s fresh voice and JUNNY, who has a sweet and sophisticated vocal-like ice cream, presents a fresh combination. Through this song, both artists tried something new and gave us a sweet dreamy love song.

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Written by: Lucifer

This was all for this week, stay tuned for more K-HipHop and K-R&B updates! Let us know which songs were your favourite from this list in the comments down below!

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