This week welcomed Christmas and gave major chilled winter vibes by releases from artists like SOLE, HOODY, Sweet The Kid, Acy Blu and Milena. To balance this we had fire releases from powerhouse artists like Don Mills, Rovv, Sikboy , Ourealgoat and many more! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get straight into our comeback guide.


Latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs:

Don Mills  – Meerae 2 ft. KHAN, J4 Prada, Polodared

Don Mills is back with his new album Meerae 2 and released a music video of its title track of the same name. This album can be seen as an extension to his previous album Meerae which was released in 2016. The music video kicks off with a cool aura and vocals of Don Mills – when it comes to rap flow no one can match him. He has a firm grip over the beats and surfs along them like a pro! KHAN, J4 Prada, and Polodared has given their own vibe and texture to this song.

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Rovv – Came Alone ft. Sweet The Kid

Came Alone by Rovv featuring Sweet The Kid marks the return of this iconic duo. An alternative R&B track having soft snare beats and complimentary vocals of the two artists involved in making of this track. The music video starts off with Rovv singing all by himself in his apartment and then as the video progresses we can see both of them singing their verses together. A tint of soft jazz can also be seen in this track. A great video, great music to make your holidays more fun!

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Ourealgoat (ft. JayB) – Thought of you

When someone you loved left and still you think about them, can’t get them out of your mind? Ourealgoat‘s latest single Thought Of You featuring Jay B talks about the constant conflict going on in your mind and how to move on with life. Jay B’s honey-glazed vocals added more emotion to this song. The MV has amazing pop-out visuals and both the artists have slayed their part in the video. The track has groovy beats and it’s quite smooth to listen to.

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SOLE – Merry Merry

Christmas is coming and how can we not get a song on it! SOLE‘s album Merry Merry takes you on a nostalgic festive ride. Besides the album release, the music video of the title track with the same name was also released on YouTube. The MV has cute fairytale Christmas vibes and some VCR shots making it a refreshing festive watch for viewers. SOLE’s cute smile in the opening scene will steal your heart and her innocent vocals will make you awestruck.

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Sikboy goes on a rage with his latest single HERCULES. He plays with beats like a ringmaster, and has them under his control. He created a great momentum between the slow and fast rap verses which was lit. This track is a bang-on hit, it’ll give your mood a skyrocketed boost. He spitted some solid bars with his creative lyrical skills. The MV has dope shots of dried grasslands, abandoned buildings that match with the track’s vibe. All hail HERCULES Sikboy!

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Hoody – Lights

Hoody released the dance visual music video of her single Lights from her album D-day which was released in October 2021. This time she’s all set to show a  different side of hers. The track and the video had an overall classy and sophisticated vibe but at the same time, it portrayed Hoody’s signature enchanting angelic voice. Dancing divas Monika and Lip P are seen in the video as the main characters. The choreography is amazing and they move like water in the video.

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Sweet The Kid – Perfect Time

Sweet The Kid‘s Perfect Time is a soft R&B soul project giving Christmas vibes, with lo-fi beats and laidback aura this song is a must for a relaxing holiday season. Sweet Kid’s sweet voice makes this song more dreamy.

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Acy Blu – Same Life ft. oceanfromtheblue

Acy Blu released Same Life, her 2nd official project. Same Life is a soothing Alternative RnB double single. Her singing is really nice, her voice is soft with a dreamy tone! She released a music video for the lead single from this project that features the king of intoxicating beats R&B singer-songwriter oceanfromtheblueBoth the artists have actively participated in the lyric writing and musical composition of this track. The track is full of soulful beats while the mv consisted of emotional yet soothing aesthetics.

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Milena – Letter

An emotional ride is all that can be said by listening to Milena‘s latest single Letter. It’s soothing, warm, overwhelming all the same time. The music video portrays a story of a mother-daughter duo where the daughter aspires to become a famous ballet dancer and her mother supports her dreams. During the video, we can see that in past, the mother also wished to be a ballet dancer too but couldn’t become one. She sees her reflection in her daughter who tries her best to fulfill her dreams. The singer has feathery vocals which make this track a bit lightweight and easy on the ears for the listeners.

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This was all for this week, stay tuned for more K-HipHop and K-R&B updates! Comment down your favorite latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs from this week’s streaming guide.
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