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After the second week of September was taken over by the captivating releases by K-R&B artists, this week strikes a balance between the latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B songs put out. From the K-R&B side, we had tracks from Seori, SUMIN, KIM YUNAWooks. From the K-Hiphop side, we had songs that featured powerful rappers like Tiger JK, Paloalto, Wonstein, CHANGMO, YUMDDA, Jessi, and more. With such an interesting lineup of the latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B songs, let’s check out this week’s list.


Latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B Songs:

1. Han Yo Han (ft. CHANGMO) – This Is Me 


This track is like a compulsive invitation to listen to the entirety of his 3rd album, ‘Han Yo Han’. Right from when the guitar strumming starts and the rest of the band instrumentation join in, the stage is set for the rockstar persona of Han Yo Han. His presence while being the lead vocalist, standing in front of the band singing his heart out, seems to be so captivating, you just can’t take your eyes off the mv. Aside from the visuals and the alluring instrumentation, CHANGMO’s verse interjection also adds rightly to the texture of the track.

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2. Tiger JK, Paloalto, Woo, MAN1AC, Los, YDG, Bizzy, yoonmirae – Love Peace Movement (Remix)

Amping up the fiery empowerment of Asian people in the original track, powerhouses like Paloalto, Los, Woo, MAN1AC, etc. bring their own unique flavor to the song. The subdued-yet-intense atmosphere created by the track is pierced through by the native pride and individual emotions that each of them conveys to the audience, making it a thrilling ride all the way from start until finish. The ending with Yoon Mirae’s powerful English verse also leaves the listeners with an even more gratified and empowered feeling.

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3. SOMDEF (ft. GSoul) – It was

From the latest 4-tracked EP, ‘Nature’ by singer-producer SOMDEF, ‘It was’ weaves beautiful reminiscing moments, brought to life by the simple-yet-elegant lyrics. Holding onto the feelings of love after it is over, the song paints the musical canvas, bittersweet – delicate hues of love speckled with nostalgic drops of grey. The parts where GSoul harmonizes with himself while accompanied by the general ambient vibes created by the euphonious instrumentals by SOMDEF, resonate with heartfelt sentiments the most; it is totally endearing to listen to!

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Part of their new EP ‘MINISERIES’ together, the title track, ‘The Gonlan Song’ shines a light on the creative freedom producer Slom and singer SUMIN utilize when creating music. The captivating visuals, mellifluous vocals that just keep getting better and better with each passing second, and the complementing instrumentals that mix deep bass, disco, dubstep and more, all make this song a bop!

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5. Seori (ft. eaJ) – Dive with you

When Seori dishes out a heartwarming LGBTQ love representative storyline like in ‘Lovers in the night’, the satisfying feels of the track get turned up a notch. Add to this, the groovy and melodic instrumentals, the harmonic exchanges between Seori and eaJ, and the pleasant sentimentality of the lyricism displayed, and you have ‘Dive with you’ – perfect track to celebrate the natural beauty of love. 

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6. YUMDDA (ft. Paloalto, Jessi, UNEDUCATED KID, The Quiett) – 9ucci REMIX

If ‘9ucci’ was a chill flex, then this remix version is a sultry club track! With so many talented rappers flowing one after the other on the track, it really becomes impossible to take your attention off it for even a second; every verse is a bop in itself. Starting off with YUMDDA’s laid-back style, Paloalto grabs the rein and delivers his bars with power and clear diction. Once Badass Queen Jessi comes in, the track’s appeal just shoots up even more; who can deny her magnetic aura and fiery raps. Ending the track with UNEDUCATED KID’s unique flow verse, followed by OG rapper, The Quiett’s icy swagger, seems to add an even more charismatic quality to the remix.

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7. KIM YUNA, Wonstein – Song For You

Produced by Rocoberry, an artist duo revered for their musical sensibility, ‘Song For You’, is like a visit to the music paradise! Welcoming the listeners with a flawless show of angelic vocals, the song takes a nose-dive turn, right into an uptempo and powerful rap verse by Wonstein. This back-and-forth transition that happens throughout the song is what makes the track goosebumps-inducing! 

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8. Jimmy Brown – Cloud 

This track also can be the perfect introduction to this talented artist’s music style for first-timers. ‘Cloud’ carries the soft, mellifluent vocals of Jimmy Brown along with the wispy, heartwarming lo-fi vibes that many of his songs showcase. One thing that can be said to be really unique to this particular track of his only, would be the fluffy lightness with which the sonics grace the listeners’ ears; it is truly magical!

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9. Wooks – I’LL BE THERE

Plucking at the listeners’ heartstrings with a sincere and soulful vocalization in ‘I’LL BE THERE’, Wooks creates a chill lo-fi ambiance, much suited to fit into a late-night self-reflecting time playlist. Supported by psychedelic-drunken affected visuals of the music video, the artist paints a captivating and stirring picture; one that comes full circle as the mv ends similar to the way it started.

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Which track was your favorite from the latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B tracklist? Let us know in the comments below.
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