K-HipHop & K-R&B Comeback Review + Streaming Guide

Last week in the K-HipHop and K-R&B releases gave some of the best foot-tapping and groovy numbers. Jay Park released an even groovier version of his track DNA whereas Giriboy lent a funky change with the track No Ex. The week saw some varied releases and it has something in store for each listener.

Please note: Some songs might not be available on Spotify or iTunes India yet. 

Latest K-HipHop and K-R&B releases:

Giriboy, Paloalto – No Ex (Prod. SOMDEF)

A bouncy track from the start, No Ex is a funky and groovy hip hop track. The music in the background gives even the rap a dance-song like feel. Giriboy and Paloalto delivered a promising new collaboration with No Ex.

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BLOO – Come and kiss me

Come and Kiss Me is a sensual track. BLOO makes a stunning delivery with his drowsy vocals. The song, although termed as a hip-hop track, will definitely make you get up and dance to the addictive beats.

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lIlBOI X Wonstein X Mirani – HEAT

Just last week Mirani surprised fans with Ramirani. This week she returns in an epic hip-hop collaboration with Lilboi and Wonstein. Lilboi and Wonstein make their presence felt with powerful rap verses that are delivered to accurate beats. The tap-tap beats that a heard in between the song add a sprinkle of extra jazz to the song.

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Jay Park, YLN Foreign, D.Ark, 365LIT, pH-1, LIlBOI, Lee Young Ji, Ourealgoat, Choo, OSUN – DNA Remix

Jay Park released an epic collaboration track DNA Remix. The hip-hop and rap infused track is bound to get the hearts racing and feet tapping for every listener that loves hip hop and rap. One can even call it a dream collaboration, with artists like Lilboi, D.Ark, OSUN, Choo and pH-1 on board.

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Woodie Gochild – JACKSON (ft. CHANGMO)

Woodie Gochild appears as a gangster named Jackson in the music video. He shows his rapping prowess with lyrics matching to the trap beats. Changmo’s smooth interloping in the song gives an extra punch in the song.

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Jimmy Brown – Dance

Jimmy Brown made a jovial comeback with his track Dance. The track proves that Jimmy Brown is a learned fellow of the R&B genre and he is here to stay. This song is perfect if you want to dance a slow dance with your partner. This track is a perfect supplement to the cosy monsoon weather we have right now in India.

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