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Want something new? Don’t worry we got your back! This week we will be unraveling tracks from dope artists like Gaeko, Kim Seungmin, Johny Kwony to surprising features like Osshun Gum, BiBi, B JYUN in our latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs list. Let’s dive in!


Latest K-HipHop and K-R&B Songs:

Gaeko (ft. JUSTHIS) – Discuss

Gaeko released a new single ‘Discuss Feat. JUSTHIS (Prod. CODE KUNST)’ on various online music sites on 23rd noon. ‘Discuss‘ received a lot of attention when a part of it was released last month in the show Show Me the Money 10. Many fans requested for the official soundtrack, and Gaeko didn’t disappoint us and drew attention by announcing the release through his SNS. In the soundtrack of ‘Discussion’, JUSTHIS participated as a feature to maximize the fun of listening. This also evokes admiration with its sensible lyrics and trendy rapping.

This track is available on Spotify


Kim SeungMin – Halfway Off The Rooftop

Kim SeungMin released MV for his track “Halfway off the rooftop” from his EP ‘PROTOTYPE RESEARCH #0063’. This track talks about his messy breakup and how he had lost all the light and entered into a dark world. He expressed his parting was not like a feature film or a novel but it was a fleeting moment just like a single line of text. Throughout the song, you’ll see his striking rap skills and some traces of Alt Rock.

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From ‘AROUND’ KWONY wanted to convey a message of hope and positivity, that better days will come! “Baby don’t give up, coz it’s other way around/ it’s alright” these lyrics from the chorus part will give a sense of motivation and power to move forward. The vibe is a mix of Alt-Rock influences and Singing Rap.

It’s warm & lively!

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Kim Addict & Inho Cho – BMX (ft. Osshun Gum)

For dark music lovers, Kim Addict’s BMX will become a part of your playlist. With heavy beats and trap sounds, this track features Osshun Gum who had done an incredible job in uplifting the overall mood of the song. Put on headphones with good bass quality and this song will take you to another dimension.

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B_ver – Finally

Many will think why this song? But this guy has got all the bars that makes it a strong competitor among all the songs. “Finally” is from B_ver’s first album “Subjective”. The MV cinematography is very unique where we can see the singer running around the endless jungle and talks about his struggles. “Putting talent and effort again, I’m gonna live the way I am/ this isn’t my finale” these lines from this song portray singers’ strong will to sustain and all the setbacks won’t stop him ‘coz this ain’t his finale. This song has a mysterious vibe to it which will bound you to its rhythm till the end.

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Haru Kid (ft. DON MALIK) – 3, 2, 1

If you’re looking for a chill HipHop project then you will definitely love 3,2,1 from Haru Kid’s album Mart Invader featuring DON MALIK. Haru Kid’s flow is rather laidback, it’s really smooth, and the beats are also really nice! Shot in a playground field this MV will bring you into a bright and relaxed ambiance.

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Owell Mood (ft. BIBI) – Picky Baby

Cool dance vibes and fun song Owell Moods’ “Picky Baby” featuring BiBi released this Sunday. This song has constant musical question-answer round where Owell asks,“why always so picky baby?/Don’t play hard to get/ just let me know what you feel even if I regret” and in defense, BiBi answers him in her infamous sassy tone, “I do all works, I’m servin’ up my life/ I mean, I want the best of the best/You see me cherry-picking but it ain’t right/ are you really sure you’re the right one?” What a queen!

Fun lyrics, Chill vibes, Unquie MV, and concept, this song is an all-rounder.

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Wavycake (ft. B JYUN) – DEEP

Wavycakes’ ‘DEEP’ featuring J BYUN from his album ‘BAGGAGE’ is an R&B soul track that will give you a five-star experience. Sexy saxophone backdrop paired with jazz cymbals, are a match made in heaven. The music video opens up with the singer sitting in a dim-lit bar and singing his thoughts which are filled with a dilemma:“I see the light in dark/ but where the hell is out/why it takes so long, where I am!?

If you want to sit in a corner and relax with some music, ‘BAGGAE’ is an album that you should go for!

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So what’s your favorite song from this week’s latest K-HipHop and K-R&B songs list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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