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Can we take a moment and accept the fact that APRO and SOLE have been on fire this year! Feature after feature and their own solo releases, they were unstoppable. 2021 can be marked as one of the best years for both artists. 4.2, also stylized as For.Tois APRO’s appreciation towards his family and friends. He wanted to wrap this year on a warmer note and is excited to enter 2022 with equal zeal and vigor. APRO shared a small yet sweet incident while making this album on his Instagram handle, he wrote, “One day, I started work(album) while looking at my mom and dad, and I hope that I will be found among everyone I love. ” The track has peaceful beats and simple lyrics even add an extra brownie point to it. SOLE’s innocent vocals combined with APRO’s sensual musical composition and the festive music video make it a wholesome package for the listeners this winter.

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