Latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B

This week was another exciting rollercoaster ride where the latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B songs’ list ranged from soothing songs from Seoactor & Dept, and Kebee & BUMKEY, to intense bangers from artists like Keith Ape, Lil Poet, Chillin Homie, and more. You just can’t resist listening on and on to them. Let’s dive straight into the latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B tracklist now!


Latest K-Hiphop and K-R&B Songs:

KEITH APE – ‘Live Long and Soul Lives’

“It G Ma” rapper, Keith Ape returns with a full-length 12-tracked album titled ‘MOD: Ape’s Basics in Time and Play‘. Being true to his cloud rap musicality, Keith Ape whips up a deathless gritty bar fest in the track, ‘Live Long and Soul Lives’. The trippy-gangsta music video amps up the tension and adrenaline rush of the listeners with each burst of energy-packed bars like, “No one can stop me / If my sound is too loud, cover your ears”. It stands as proud proof of how the rapper’s experimental and unconventional spirit still burns fiercely, despite being looked at disapprovingly by the orthodox listeners!

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Chillin Homie, SEONGGUK (ft. Kid Milli, HIYADAM) – Christian Dior Remix

With a mix of consistent house beats intertwined with EDM elements, and supported by a well-designed animation music video, Christian Dior Remix is much more than just a promotion of the luxury brand. Gripping the listeners with the compelling instrumentation by SEONGGUK and then the effortless power of Chillin Homie’s rap, the track appeals to the listeners right from the get-go. Mix into this, Kid Milli’s cool rapping style with its own unique cadence and the abrasive-toned verse of HIYADAM, and you have got a track that is charming in every aspect.

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Part 8 of the grand HANG OUT: HIPHOPPLAYA COMPILATION ALBUM 2021, ‘TYT’ is a bop like all its predecessors. Producer DAKSHOOD utilizes classic-yet-strangely-fresh instrumentation to create a compelling but comfortable space for singing-rapper CAMO and featuring artist, BIBI to vocalize. With a buttery smooth transition from CAMO’s first verse to BIBI’s verse, the track shows us the amazing chemistry between the vocal tones and styles of the two eccentric artists. ‘TYT’ seems to be the perfect addition to the playlist created for a cool evening jam session!

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Seoactor, Dept (ft. Jae Luna) – Paris With You

The 1st of the double single album, ‘Midnight In Paris’ is the uplifting romantic track, ‘Paris With You’. True to the visual art cover of the album, the song sung by nodisco. and Jae Luna, brings to life simple romanticized lyrics of running away to the city of love, Paris to celebrate the couple’s love story. What really makes the song such a pleasant listen are the interjections of angelic piano notes into the melodic guitar-led instrumentation by Producer duo of Seoactor and Dept; they add a light-bouncy feeling to the track.

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Kebee (ft. BUMKEY) – Train Bed

Drawing the listeners with mellifluent vocals of BUMKEY flowing over lo-fi music production that banks its melody on pleasant guitar strumming notes, ‘Train Bed’ is like a calming breeze blowing after the storm is over. The blending in of Kebee’s low, somber rap verses into the soothing vocals and sonics, also adds to the qualitative value by enhancing the texture of the track. ‘Train Bed’ can be the healing song that many need after a rough tiring day.

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Skinny Brown & Minit (ft. Jayci Yucca) – Broken World

Part of the joint EP of Skinny Brown and Producer Minit titled ‘Mikkinit Brown: Just for Fun’, this song is a build-up to an explosion of exciting hype. Kicking off with an appealing mix of euphonious guitar strumming with the electro band one, ‘Broken World’ pulls you into a world of rockstar energy, sober lyrics, and compelling sonics. The follow-up of Skinny Brown’s rocker vocals by the deep, reverberating rap flow of rapper Jayci Yucca, makes for an exuberant listen.

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dress (ft. Meego, BIG Naughty) – Something

Hailing from the double single of the same name, ‘Something’ brings a new and fresh side of K-HipHop to its listeners. It draws them in with the mellifluent vocals of singer Meego accompanied by a muted melody line and then surprises them with a fast tempo drum-bass instrumentation, mixed in with some vibrant jazz sounds. However, the overall appeal of the track rests not only on its experimental blend of instruments and sonics by dress, but also on the light emotional vocals that Meego and BIG Naughty bring to the listeners.

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Lil Poet (ft. DJ 2BAE , Paloalto) – 1300CC

The most “hiphop-esque” release of this week’s releases, ‘1300CC’ by Lil Poet gives a Gen-Z spin-off to the old-school hip hop. Mixing in the classic DJ scratches in its simple-yet-impactful beat production and topping them with power-packed fiery rap verses and ad-libs by Lil Poet and OG rapper Paloalto, this track is a quintessential smooth banger.

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